Kim Kardashian Expresses Concern Over Kanye’s Public Disputes About Children’s Education


Kim Kardashian is reportedly upset with Kanye West for taking their disagreements about their children’s education to social media. Sources close to the situation revealed that Kim believes Kanye’s actions are detrimental to their children’s well-being.

Key Takeaway

Kim Kardashian is concerned about Kanye West’s public statements regarding their children’s education and desires to settle their disputes privately, as agreed upon in their divorce settlement.

Kanye’s Social Media Outburst

On Wednesday night, Kanye West took to Instagram to express his desire to remove their children from the school they are currently attending in Los Angeles. He publicly criticized the school, referring to it as a “fake school for celebrities that are used by ‘the system’.”

Kim’s Perspective

According to sources, Kim Kardashian enrolled their children in the school for its excellent educational standards and the need for stability in their lives. She is concerned about Kanye’s proposed alternative of placing the children with unaccredited teachers at his own Donda school, which has faced legal issues in the past.

Consistency and Security

Kim is said to be frustrated by Kanye’s dismissal of the necessity of their children’s school attendance. She emphasizes the importance of providing consistency for their children, especially in contrast to Kanye’s nomadic lifestyle. Kim believes that her role as a stable home base is crucial for their children’s security.

Desire for Privacy

Kim Kardashian reportedly wishes to resolve these disputes privately, a sentiment that was agreed upon by Kanye when he signed the divorce settlement. However, Kanye’s recent actions have violated this agreement, causing further distress to Kim.