Druski Tenses Up When Pressed About Birdman Beef


Druski, the viral comedian and rising star, has been making waves recently. However, there’s one topic he’s not willing to discuss – his ongoing beef with Birdman. Despite his openness about his finances and recent success, Druski seems to be avoiding any conversations about his feud with the music mogul.

Key Takeaway

Druski is avoiding discussions about his ongoing beef with Birdman, indicating that the feud is real and continuing.

Birdman’s Grievance

The tension between Druski and Birdman began when the comedian made remarks about Drake’s new album. Birdman took offense to these comments and wasted no time in confronting Druski. Even Joe Budden and Gillie Da Kid faced Birdman’s wrath for their opinions on “For All the Dogs.” It was clear that Birdman was not happy with anyone who disrespected the Cash Money name.

An Uncomfortable Moment

During the recent Forbes annual Under 30 Summit in Cleveland, Druski was asked about the Birdman situation by Forbes Assistant Managing Editor, Steven Bertoni. However, Druski’s response was far from reassuring. Though he murmured that things were “good,” his body language revealed his uneasiness. It was clear that there was more to the story than what he was willing to share.

A Sustained Feud

Birdman has been persistent in his pursuit of Druski throughout the year. The music mogul believes that the comedian’s “Coulda Been Records” has too many similarities to the Cash Money brand, which he considers disrespectful. This ongoing feud has created an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty between the two.

Financial Security

Despite his rising success and reported earnings of $10 million last year, it seems that Druski is concerned about his safety. The comedian may be considering putting away some of his wealth for extra security, particularly when he finds himself in Birdman’s territory.