Drake Sends Warning To Druski Over Mocking Birdman And Cash Money


Drake, the Canadian rapper, has issued a warning to social media star Druski for his recent antics mocking Birdman and Cash Money. Druski, known for his comedic sketches and skits, launched a fictional rap label called “Coulda Been Records” as a joke. However, Birdman, the co-founder of Cash Money Records, did not find it amusing and made his disapproval known during an Instagram Live chat.

Key Takeaway

Drake warns social media star Druski for mocking Birdman and Cash Money Records, cautioning him about stepping on the established label’s toes. Although Druski’s actions are meant as comedy, Birdman has taken offense, indicating a genuine animosity between the parties involved.

Druski’s Prank

Druski’s prank involves running auditions and posting clips of himself hilariously rejecting aspiring artists. While this may have been intended as light-hearted fun, Birdman took it seriously and cautioned Druski for encroaching on Cash Money’s domain.

In his latest stunt, Druski uploaded a video where he expresses frustration over Drake’s new song, “Daylight,” which features a line that Druski had wanted to use for one of his own fake songs. He captioned the video “Cash Money vs Coulda Been BEEF CONTINUES,” clearly indicating that this was all part of the ongoing gimmick. However, Birdman did not appreciate the joke.

Birdman’s Response

In the comments section, Birdman responded with, “Bro you still playing with a real gangsta SMFH,” while Drake joined in, saying, “Stunna bout to have you come up missing on Gladys.” These comments sparked confusion among internet users, with some unsure if Birdman was being serious or not. Regardless of the intentions behind Druski’s actions, Birdman’s reaction suggests that he is genuinely bothered by the situation.

The Feud Continues

This manufactured feud started a few months ago when Birdman confronted Druski about his fictional record label. Instead of backing down, Druski has leaned into the controversy, reveling in the fact that he has managed to provoke a reaction from Birdman. He continues to stir the pot by playfully mocking Cash Money Records.