Soulja Boy Calls Out Lil Yachty And Drake For Streaming Dominance


Soulja Boy is not one to let his accomplishments as a rapper be undermined. In response to Lil Yachty’s recent claim that he and Post Malone were the first rappers to adopt streaming on Twitch, Soulja Boy went on a tirade, considering Yachty’s statement as nothing short of treason.

Key Takeaway

Soulja Boy lashes out at Lil Yachty and Drake over their claims of pioneering streaming in the music industry. He asserts that he was the first rapper on Twitch and voices his displeasure through an Instagram Live session filled with insults and references to Yachty’s appearance. It remains to be seen how seriously his rivals will take his challenges.

Soulja Boy, who has been on Twitch since 2013, compared to Yachty’s entry in 2016, made it clear that he was the pioneer in this field. To drive his point home, he took to Instagram Live, flaunting stacks of cash while delivering a barrage of insults directed at Yachty. Soulja Boy was keen to remind the younger rapper that he comes from old money, further adding some homophobic slurs in reference to Yachty’s painted nails.

Interestingly, Drake also found himself on the receiving end of Soulja Boy’s wrath. While he did not provide any further explanation, Soulja Boy warned Drake that he too was skating on thin ice. Although Drake and Soulja Boy haven’t had much interaction in recent times, it is worth noting that Soulja Boy gained immense attention when he publicly dissed Drake on the popular radio show, “The Breakfast Club,” on behalf of Pusha T a few years ago, racking up over 20 million views and counting.

It’s no secret that Soulja Boy is always ready for a verbal showdown. Whether or not his rivals take him seriously remains to be seen.