Soulja Boy Expresses Outrage Towards J. Cole & Big Sean Over ‘Crank Dat’ Criticism


Soulja Boy, the iconic rapper behind the hit song “Crank Dat,” has recently taken offense to comments made by fellow artists J. Cole and Big Sean. In a candid and fiery rant on his Instagram, Soulja Boy let loose his frustrations, accusing both musicians of disrespecting him and his influence on the rap industry.

Key Takeaway

Soulja Boy expresses his outrage towards J. Cole and Big Sean, accusing them of disrespecting his legacy and claiming that they owe their careers to him. This incident showcases the passion and pride that artists have for their contributions to the rap industry.

Soulja Boy Takes a Stand

The catalyst behind Soulja Boy’s outburst was J. Cole’s recent interview with Lil Yachty. During the conversation, J. Cole acknowledged Soulja Boy as a trailblazer in the rap game, but also revealed that he initially wasn’t a fan and didn’t resonate with Soulja Boy’s music. Although intended as a compliment, Soulja Boy interpreted J. Cole’s remarks as a slight on his legacy.

Furthermore, Big Sean found himself caught in the crossfire due to past negative comments about Soulja Boy. Seizing the opportunity, Soulja Boy lambasted both artists and boldly proclaimed that they owe their careers to him.

Soulja Boy’s Influence and Halloween Triumph

Capitalizing on his status as a trendsetter, Soulja Boy wielded his influence to deal a final blow to J. Cole. He highlighted that this Halloween, thousands of people dressed up as Soulja Boy, emulating his style and aesthetic. Meanwhile, J. Cole’s more minimalist attire failed to inspire imitation.

It remains to be seen whether this beef will be resolved, but one thing is clear – J. Cole may be thinking twice about engaging in interviews in the future.