Joe Budden Apologizes To NBA YoungBoy For Labeling Music ‘Trash 10x’


Joe Budden, the opinionated rapper and host of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” is taking a step back and apologizing for his recent comments about NBA YoungBoy’s music. On a previous episode titled “Vanity King,” Joe had dismissed YoungBoy’s music as garbage. However, upon hearing playback of his rant, Joe admits that his comments were out of line and cringe-worthy.

Key Takeaway

Joe Budden offers a sincere apology to NBA YoungBoy for labeling his music as trash. Reflecting on his own words, Joe takes accountability for his comments, stating that criticism towards young artists should be constructive and encouraging. It remains to be seen how NBA YoungBoy will respond to this apology and whether it will result in a resolution of their disagreement.

Accountability and Self-Reflection

In the latest episode of his podcast, Joe Budden took accountability for his words, expressing regret for not composing a better argument. He acknowledged that as a rap OG, his criticism should be aimed at encouraging young artists like NBA YoungBoy rather than embarrassing them. Joe also felt uneasy about the negative attention his loose lips had generated.

YoungBoy’s Response and Birdman’s Support

While it is unknown how NBA YoungBoy felt about Joe’s initial criticism, he did challenge Budden to repeat his disrespectful comments to his face. In a low blow, YoungBoy even speculated that Joe might be in need of Viagra. This sparked a response from Birdman, YoungBoy’s mentor, who sent cryptic messages seemingly in support of YoungBoy’s challenge.

A Departure from Beef

Joe Budden, however, seems to have waved the white flag in this battle. He understands that podcasting and beef should be kept separate, emphasizing that there is no need to mix the two, unless it’s for the sake of generating views. It appears that Joe has chosen diplomacy over continued confrontation.