Drake And SZA Collaborate On New Track “Slime You Out” From “For All The Dogs” Album


Former lovers Drake and SZA have delighted fans with the release of their duet titled “Slime You Out,” which is featured on their highly anticipated album “For All the Dogs.” This track serves as a captivating exploration of modern relationships, showcasing both artists’ vocal prowess and lyrical depth.

Key Takeaway

“Slime You Out” is an exhilarating collaboration between Drake and SZA that offers insights into the complexities of modern relationships. With heartfelt lyrics, soulful melodies, and a captivating delivery, this track promises to be a standout hit from their upcoming album “For All the Dogs.”

The song begins with Drake expressing his frustration with the lack of direction in some women’s lives. However, he quickly transitions into heartfelt verses, conveying his personal experiences of feeling trapped and spiritually drained in a troubled relationship. His soulful rendition combined with introspective lyrics creates a powerful connection with listeners.

SZA, a formidable talent in her own right, takes over the mic midway through the track, bringing a refreshing perspective and empowering voice to the table. Her melodic delivery and poignant lyrics address the challenges faced by women in relationships, showcasing her ability to hold her ground and make her mark on the song.

This collaboration between two megastars is particularly notable given their complicated history. Publicly revealed by Drake in his 2020 collab with 21 Savage, their past relationship initially put their potential working relationship at risk. However, it seems that they have put any animosity behind them and channeled their shared experiences into this powerful musical venture.

As for the album’s cover art, Drake has opted for an image of Halle Berry being slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2012. This choice adds an interesting layer to the song’s lyrics, where Drake references “sliming” someone for the choices they have made. It appears that he is using this metaphor to convey the consequences faced when playing childish games in relationships.