Drake Claps Back At Charlamagne Tha God: Calls Him ‘Off-Brand Morris Chestnut’


In a surprising turn of events, Drake has finally responded to Charlamagne Tha God’s constant sneak disses. The Canadian rapper took to Instagram to address Charlamagne’s critique of his latest collaboration with SZA, and he did not hold back.

Key Takeaway

Drake has responded to Charlamagne Tha God’s critique of his new song on Instagram, humorously comparing Charlamagne to Morris Chestnut in the process.

Drake, known for his witty comebacks, called out Charlamagne by his real name and accused him of harboring envy towards him. But that wasn’t all – he also compared Charlamagne to a low-budget version of actor Morris Chestnut, further reinforcing his point. To drive it home, Drake even shared multiple pictures of Charlamagne attempting to model.

The beef between the two artists was sparked by Charlamagne’s review of Drake’s song “Slime You Out.” Charlamagne dismissed the track as boring, claiming that people lost interest in it shortly after its release. However, despite his criticism, the song is projected to top the Billboard Hot 100 this week, proving that it has indeed resonated with listeners.

Charlamagne, on his part, took the shots fired by Drake in stride. During his on-air reaction to the Instagram stories, he jokingly stated that Drake always picks a fight with him whenever he has a new album to promote. While the two artists have exchanged words in the past, Charlamagne recalls burying the hatchet with Drake back in 2015, following his feud with Meek Mill.