Charlamagne Tha God Criticizes Colin Kaepernick’s Letter And J. Cole’s Inclusion


Charlamagne Tha God, known for his outspoken views, recently expressed his disapproval of Colin Kaepernick’s open letter to the New York Jets. In a segment on Wednesday’s Breakfast Club broadcast, Charlamagne referred to the letter as “pitiful” and stated that it gave off the impression that Kaepernick was begging for a job.

Key Takeaway

Charlamagne Tha God criticized Colin Kaepernick’s open letter to the New York Jets, viewing it as a plea for employment rather than a strategic move. He also disagreed with J. Cole’s involvement, suggesting that Kaepernick should have advocated for himself. The discussion brought forth contrasting opinions on the relationship between racism and the NFL, with Charlamagne contending that the league is a part of a larger societal system.

Reflecting on the fact that it has been seven years since Kaepernick was removed from the NFL, Charlamagne believes that Kaepernick has allowed the setbacks in his career to define him. He suggests that Kaepernick should focus on redefining his narrative rather than dwelling on past disappointments.

J. Cole, a prominent rapper and friend of Kaepernick, posted the letter on Tuesday, publicly revealing Kaepernick’s desire to secure a spot on the New York Jets’ roster in light of Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending injury. However, Charlamagne criticized J. Cole’s involvement and described it as “wack,” suggesting that Kaepernick should have spoken out on his own behalf instead.

During the discussion, the comparison between racism in America and racism within the NFL was raised. Charlamagne dismissed the notion that the NFL can be equated to systemic racism, stating that the league is simply a part of a larger societal system. This viewpoint generated debate and divided opinions among callers and listeners.

Interestingly, the New York Jets recently signed veteran free agent Trevor Siemian, potentially eliminating Kaepernick as a potential candidate for the team’s roster.