Colin Kaepernick Requests To Join NY Jets’ Practice Squad In Letter To GM


In a surprising turn of events, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has reached out to the New York Jets expressing his interest in joining their practice squad. The letter, which was posted on rapper J. Cole’s X account, was addressed to Jets’ General Manager Joe Douglas.

Key Takeaway

Colin Kaepernick has written a letter to the New York Jets, requesting to be signed to their practice squad following Aaron Rodgers’ injury.

In the letter, Kaepernick acknowledged the team’s goal of winning a championship and offered his services to help fill the void left by the injured Aaron Rodgers. However, he clarified that he was not seeking the starting position but rather a role on the practice squad, where he would focus on preparing the team’s defense for upcoming games.

The practice squad is composed of 16 players who practice with the team during the week but do not dress for games. It is a role that requires immense dedication and offers little financial reward or recognition. Nonetheless, Kaepernick expressed his willingness to embrace this opportunity, even though he was once a star quarterback who led his team to a Super Bowl appearance.

Furthermore, Kaepernick mentioned that if the current starting quarterback, Zach Wilson, were to struggle, he would be a reliable backup option for the team. Despite not having played in the NFL since 2016, Kaepernick is confident in his abilities and believes he can provide the team with a top-tier quarterback option if needed.

It is worth noting that Kaepernick has remained dedicated to his training throughout his absence from the NFL. He emphasized this in his letter, contrasting himself with other veteran quarterbacks who have been mentioned in the media but have since retired or stopped training.

Despite Kaepernick’s initiative, the New York Jets have not signed him to their practice squad at this point. Instead, they recently added quarterback Trevor Siemian to the squad. The team’s decision regarding Kaepernick’s request remains to be seen.

This unexpected development has reignited a discussion surrounding Kaepernick’s potential return to the NFL. It is clear that Kaepernick is eager to contribute to a team and is willing to take on any role necessary to do so.


Colin Kaepernick’s letter to the New York Jets expressing a desire to join their practice squad has created a wave of speculation and interest. While the team has not made a decision regarding his request, the enthusiasm and determination demonstrated in Kaepernick’s letter highlight his continued passion for the game and his willingness to contribute in any way possible.