Nicki Minaj Fans Demand Answers After Drake Fails To Include Her In “For All The Dogs” Album


Drake’s highly anticipated album, “For All The Dogs,” has caused quite a stir among music lovers. While it boasts an impressive lineup of featured artists such as 21 Savage, Bad Bunny, Sexyy Red, and J. Cole, there is one name that fans were disappointed to find missing – Nicki Minaj.

Key Takeaway

Nicki Minaj fans are expressing their disappointment and frustration after Drake did not include her in his latest album, “For All The Dogs.”

For years, Nicki Minaj fans, also known as the Barbz, have been eagerly waiting for a collaboration between her and Drake. The anticipation reached its peak when Drake hinted at a possible collaboration and even declared that she would be featured in his new album. However, much to their dismay, Drake failed to deliver on this promise, leaving the Barbz feeling disrespected.

Adding insult to injury, Nicki Minaj had publicly expressed her support for the release of the album, further raising expectations among her fanbase. Many of her fans interpreted this as a sign that the collaboration was imminent, only to be let down when “For All The Dogs” was released without Nicki’s presence.

Despite the disappointment, there is still a glimmer of hope for the Barbz. Nicki Minaj is set to release her own album, “Pink Friday 2,” in November, and there is speculation that the much-anticipated collaboration might appear on that project. However, the Barbz are not willing to settle for mere speculation and have taken to social media to demand answers and express their desire for Nicki to distance herself from Drake.

In a surprising twist, one notable feature on “For All The Dogs” was the appearance of Drake’s son, Adonis. The young Adonis made his rapping debut by freestyling on the track “Daylight.” While this adorable moment may have pleased some fans, it was certainly not enough to appease Nicki Minaj’s dedicated and passionate fanbase.

As of now, fans can only hope that their favorite artists will eventually join forces and create the collaboration they have long been yearning for. Until then, the disappointment lingers, and Nicki Minaj fans eagerly await any news regarding her upcoming album.