Nicki Minaj Delays ‘Pink Friday 2’ Release After Lil Wayne Shares Same Date


Nicki Minaj, the renowned rapper and artist, has once again changed the release date for her highly anticipated album, “Pink Friday 2.” This time, she has chosen a date that holds significant meaning for her – her birthday! The announcement was made during an IG Live session with the assistance of Funny Marco and Kai Cenat.

Key Takeaway

Nicki Minaj has rescheduled the release of her album “Pink Friday 2” to her birthday, December 8th, to avoid coinciding with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz’s release. The album’s first single, “Super Freaky Girl,” has already reached number one on the charts since its August 2022 debut.

In a previous statement, Nicki had confirmed that November 17th would be the official release date for “PF2.” However, just recently, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz revealed that they would also be dropping their collaborative album, “Collegrove 2,” on the very same day.

Assuring her fans, Nicki clarified that Lil Wayne’s album release was not an intentional move to overshadow her. Instead, she explained that her label encountered difficulties in receiving the vinyl copies on time. As a result, she decided to push back the release date to December 8th, considering it to be the perfect alternative.

The anticipation for “PF2” has been building up for a while now, and Nicki’s decision has extended the wait even further. However, it’s worth noting that her first single from the album, “Super Freaky Girl,” achieved immense success by reaching the number one spot on various charts when it debuted back in August 2022!

Additionally, Nicki’s fans can still look forward to an upcoming tour announcement, which will now take place on the original date of November 17th. It seems that Nicki Minaj has carefully strategized to retain the excitement surrounding her album while avoiding any clash with other artists’ releases.