Kanye West Expresses Frustration Over Nicki Minaj’s Refusal To Clear 5-Year-Old Verse


Kanye West recently expressed his frustration over Nicki Minaj’s decision not to clear her 5-year-old verse for his new album. During Ye’s “Vultures” Vegas session, he passionately discussed the situation, clearly upset by the refusal.

Key Takeaway

Kanye West expressed frustration over Nicki Minaj’s refusal to clear her 5-year-old verse for his new album, citing his support for her career in the past.

Kanye’s Frustration

In a new footage from the “Vultures” Vegas session, Kanye West ranted about his song “New Body” and his desire to include it in the project. He mentioned that he had pushed Nicki to write her show-stealing “Monster” verse three times for his 2010 “MBDTF” album. Kanye believes that his support over the years should warrant reciprocal respect.

Nicki’s Response

However, Nicki Minaj made it clear to her fans on IG Live that “New Body” was old news and her main focus is on promoting “Pink Friday 2.” She expressed that she doesn’t want to compete with herself, indicating her decision not to clear the verse for Kanye’s new album.