Hitmaka Praises Kanye’s ‘Unstoppable’ Vultures Album And Considers Collaboration With Nicki’s Sister


Hitmaka, the super-producer, recently shared his thoughts on Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s successful ‘Vultures’ album, expressing his belief in Kanye’s unwavering strength. According to Hitmaka, the triumph of ‘Vultures’ can be partially attributed to his team’s efforts, with his Makasound Records co-founder, Prince Chrishan, contributing to 4 records on the album. Hitmaka also revealed his plans to collaborate on a part II of the album, having already embarked on a journey to Italy for this purpose.

Key Takeaway

Hitmaka commends Kanye West’s resilience and musical prowess, expressing his confidence in Kanye’s ability to overcome challenges and continue producing exceptional music.

Belief in Kanye’s Strength

Hitmaka expressed his admiration for Kanye’s ability to win over audiences with compelling music, while also emphasizing his belief in Kanye’s resilience, suggesting that Kanye is favored by a higher power and will continue to thrive even in challenging times.

Potential Collaboration with Nicki’s Sister

Additionally, Hitmaka revealed his openness to collaborating with Ming Maraj, the younger sister of renowned rapper Nicki Minaj. Having previously worked with Nicki on her debut album, Hitmaka expressed his desire to support Ming in her budding rap career, aiming to propel her to success akin to her sister’s achievements.

As Hitmaka continues to seek out his next major record, his positive outlook on Kanye’s trajectory and his willingness to foster emerging talent like Ming Maraj reflect his commitment to shaping the future of the music industry.