DeRay Davis Raves About Kanye’s Latest Album And North West’s Aspiring Rap Career


DeRay Davis, the well-known comedian, recently shared his excitement and positive feedback about Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s latest album, “Vultures.” Davis, who attended the album listening party, expressed his belief in Kanye’s imminent comeback, especially with the inclusion of his daughter, North West, showcasing her budding talent as a rapper.

Key Takeaway

DeRay Davis, a close friend of Kanye West, shared his positive perspective on the “Vultures” album, praising the overall musical composition and predicting a successful future for North West as a rising artist.

DeRay’s Unique Perspective

Returning from the album listening party in Miami, DeRay Davis offered a unique perspective on the controversial black KKK garb worn by Kanye West, describing it as more of an “executioner’s” outfit. Additionally, he downplayed the attention given to a specific lyric in one of the album’s songs, emphasizing the overall quality of the tracks and guest artist performances.

Album’s Musical Blend and North West’s Debut

DeRay Davis praised the album’s musical direction, likening it to a fusion of “the old Kanye” with elements of “808s and Heartbreak.” He specifically highlighted the contributions of artists such as Kodak Black and Ty Dolla $ign. Moreover, Davis predicted a bright future for North West, suggesting that she has the potential to surpass her father’s success in the music industry. Notably, North West made her debut as a guest artist on the album alongside other established names.

Support and Friendship with Kanye

Having a longstanding friendship with Kanye West, DeRay Davis has been a consistent supporter of the artist. He previously appeared in skits on Ye’s earlier albums and has continued to show his unwavering support for Kanye’s latest musical endeavors, including “Vultures.”