Kevin Durant Plays Key Role As A&R On Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ Album


NBA superstar Kevin Durant, popularly known as KD, has showcased his talents beyond the basketball court, playing a significant role as an A&R on Drake’s highly anticipated album, “For All The Dogs”. Released in the early hours of Friday morning, the album has already generated massive excitement among fans.

Key Takeaway

Kevin Durant, the Phoenix Suns player, has contributed to the creation of Drake’s latest album as an A&R.

An A&R, an abbreviation for “artists and repertoire,” is a crucial position responsible for assembling and shaping an album. This credit shows Durant’s involvement in the project and highlights his passion for music.

Durant, who joined the Phoenix Suns in February, proudly shared this achievement on his Instagram story. He publicly praised Drake, referring to him as “the greatest” and expressed his excitement for the album, stating, “6godAM … for all of us.”

The collaboration between Drake and Durant extends beyond the studio, as evidenced by Drake’s mention of KD in the song “All The Parties”. The track highlights their shared enthusiasm for pushing artistic boundaries.

It is no secret that Durant is a devoted fan of Drake. He has been seen supporting the Canadian rapper at his recent concert at the Forum, where he was spotted enjoying the show from the crowd. Moreover, Durant even made an appearance alongside Drake during his Austin concert last month.

While Durant’s passion lies primarily in basketball, he has also dabbled in the music industry as a hip hop artist under the moniker “Sniper Jones”. With his involvement in Drake’s album, Durant’s musical ventures continue to expand.

As the album “For All The Dogs” gains momentum, fans eagerly hope that the infamous “Drake curse” will not affect the Phoenix Suns’ upcoming season. Only time will tell as Suns fans brace themselves for an action-packed year.