Drake Collaborates With Sade And Snoop Dogg On “For All The Dogs” Album


Drake, the renowned artist, has finally achieved his lifelong dream of working with the legendary R&B icon, Sade, on his highly anticipated album, “For All The Dogs.” The album also features an unexpected cameo from the iconic rapper, Snoop Dogg.

Key Takeaway

Drake fulfills his long-standing dream of collaborating with Sade on his album “For All The Dogs.” Sade, known for her elusive nature, makes a rare appearance on the album, while Snoop Dogg also contributes to the project. With 23 tracks, the album showcases Drake’s versatility and promises an immersive musical experience for listeners.

Sade’s Surprise Appearance

Known for her reclusive nature, Sade makes a rare appearance on the album, contributing to the mock radio station, “BARK Radio,” hosted by Snoop Dogg. She can be heard on the track “BBL Love – Interlude,” a tribute to surgically enhanced women. Although her contribution is brief, it is significant, as it marks her first appearance on a track since 2018.

Drake’s Journey to Collaboration

It is worth noting that Drake’s attempt to collaborate with Sade dates back to his debut album in 2010. However, she declined the offer, not because she wasn’t a fan of his burgeoning career, but because she had never done collaborations before and wanted to avoid disappointing anyone. Therefore, the fact that Drake managed to secure her involvement after all these years is a testament to his persistence and respect for her artistry.

Snoop Dogg’s Memorable Cameo

In addition to Sade’s surprise appearance, Snoop Dogg lends his unique style to the album. He can be heard on the track “First Person Shooter,” which features a captivating face-off between Drake and the talented rapper J. Cole. The track has already become a subject of countless memes, further igniting the excitement surrounding the album.

A Multifaceted Album

“For All The Dogs” boasts a staggering 23 songs, providing listeners with an extensive range of musical experiences. With both iconic and fresh collaborations, the album is a masterpiece in its own right, offering fans an opportunity to delve into the diverse and dynamic world of Drake’s artistry.