Barry Keoghan Reveals ‘Saltburn’ Nude Scene Was Authentic, No Prosthetic Used


Barry Keoghan’s recent revelation about his nude scene in the movie “Saltburn” has left fans amazed and intrigued. In a candid confession, the actor confirmed that the nude scene featured in the film was entirely authentic, with no prosthetic enhancements used.

Key Takeaway

Barry Keoghan’s confirmation of the authenticity of his nude scene in “Saltburn” showcases his dedication to his craft and the depth of his commitment to portraying his character with utmost realism.

The Confession

During the climax of the Amazon Prime movie, Barry’s character Oliver is portrayed celebrating a momentous occasion through a naked dance, a scene that took the audience by surprise. Barry Keoghan’s revelation that no prosthetic was involved adds a new layer of authenticity to the performance.

Embracing Authenticity

Barry Keoghan expressed his initial discomfort with the scene, revealing that it took 11 takes before he felt at ease. However, he eventually embraced the moment with a sense of ownership and full confidence. The actor’s commitment to the role and the scene is evident in his dedication to perfecting the shot.

Empowerment and Character Portrayal

The actor shared that the comfortable on-set environment played a crucial role in helping him forget his initial unease. According to Keoghan, the decision to disrobe was essential for his character, Oliver, as it symbolized the freedom and audacity that his role demanded within the grand manor setting of the movie.

About “Saltburn”

“Saltburn” revolves around the character of Oliver Quick, a recipient of an Oxford scholarship who spends the summer with his affluent friend Felix Catton, portrayed by Jacob Elordi. The movie unfolds with a series of unsettling twists and turns, ultimately leading to Oliver orchestrating a grand masterplan to inherit Felix’s substantial fortune, culminating in the impactful naked dance scene.