Andrew Scott Faces Homophobic Questioning At BAFTA’s


A BBC reporter is under fire for asking actor Andrew Scott about a nude scene in “Saltburn,” a film in which he is not even a part of. The incident occurred during an interview at the BAFTA’s, where the reporter’s line of questioning has been labeled as homophobic and inappropriate.

Key Takeaway

An interview with actor Andrew Scott at the BAFTA’s has sparked controversy, with the BBC reporter’s questioning being criticized as homophobic and inappropriate.

Uncomfortable Interview Moment

During the interview, BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson asked Scott about his reaction to a nude dance sequence in “Saltburn,” a film featuring actor Barry Keoghan. Scott, who is openly gay, appeared visibly uncomfortable as he tried to navigate around the awkward question. Despite his discomfort, Paterson continued to press the issue, even making insinuations about prosthetics and the actors’ relationship.

Public Outcry

The interview sparked outrage online, with many criticizing Paterson’s line of questioning as disrespectful and inappropriate. People expressed their support for Scott and condemned the interviewer’s approach, calling it “disgusting” and “appalling.”

Response and Aftermath

As of now, the BBC has not responded to the criticism, and Paterson has not addressed the incident. Meanwhile, Scott, who was at the event to promote his movie “All Of Us Strangers,” handled the uncomfortable moment with grace.