BAFTAs Vs People’s Choice Awards: A Tale Of Opposite Winners


The People’s Choice Awards and the BAFTAs had quite the divergent outcomes this year, showcasing the unpredictable nature of awards season.

Key Takeaway

The divergent outcomes of the People's Choice Awards and the BAFTAs highlight the varied nature of awards season, showcasing how one person's success can be another's disappointment. This also adds an element of unpredictability to the upcoming Oscars race.

Best Actress Winners

  • Margot Robbie won Best Actress for “Barbie” at the PCAs in L.A
  • Emma Stone snagged the same honor for “Poor Things” at the UK’s BAFTAs

Best Actor Winners

  • Ryan Gosling won Best Actor at the People’s Choice Awards
  • Cillian Murphy walked away with the prize for “Oppenheimer” at the BAFTAs

Best Film Winners

“Oppenheimer” won Best Film at BAFTAs, while “Barbie” took the spotlight at the PCAs.

Directing Awards

  • Christopher Nolan’s directing for “Oppenheimer” earned him a trophy at the BAFTAs
  • If there was a directing category at the PCAs, it’s speculated that it would go to Greta Gerwig for “Barbie”

Interestingly, “Barbie” dominated at the People’s Choice Awards, winning most of the awards it was nominated for. However, it faced a different fate at the BAFTAs, losing out on all five of its nominations and getting completely shut out.

The People’s Choice winners are determined by everyday individuals, making it more of a popularity contest. Given the record-breaking numbers “Barbie” achieved last summer, its success at the event is not surprising. On the other hand, the BAFTAs are decided by academy members, resulting in a different set of winners.