Prankster Crashes ‘Oppenheimer’ Win At BAFTAs, Stands Onstage With Crew


A random individual made a surprise appearance on stage at the BAFTAs during the celebration for ‘Oppenheimer’s’ big win, causing quite a stir among the show’s organizers. The incident occurred at the conclusion of the prestigious British award show, akin to the Oscars in the UK, when ‘Oppenheimer’ secured the Best Film award and a group of cast and crew members ascended the stage to accept the honor.

Key Takeaway

A social media prankster managed to infiltrate the stage at the BAFTAs during the ‘Oppenheimer’ win, prompting a stern response from the show’s organizers.

Uninvited Guest

Amidst the group of individuals accepting the award, an uninvited guest made his way onto the stage, standing inconspicuously in the background without drawing attention to himself. Despite not being part of the ‘Oppenheimer’ team, the individual managed to blend in with the group, even escaping notice from prominent figures such as Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy.

BAFTAs’ Response

Following the incident, a representative for the BAFTAs addressed the situation, expressing their serious stance on the matter. The organization stated, “A social media prankster was removed by security last night after joining the winners of the final award on stage — we are taking this very seriously, and don’t wish to grant him any publicity by commenting further.”

Repeat Offender

Although the individual was not identified by the BAFTAs, he is known as Lizwani and has a history of infiltrating various award shows in Britain, often sharing his exploits on social media. Despite the lack of disruption caused by the prankster, the BAFTAs have taken a firm stance on the matter, emphasizing the seriousness of the intrusion.