Oscars 2024: Notable Snubs And Surprises In This Year’s Nominations


This year’s Oscar nominations have been revealed, and as always, there are some surprises and snubs that have sparked conversations across the entertainment industry. While many deserving individuals and films have received recognition, there are also notable omissions that have left fans and critics expressing their disappointment.

Key Takeaway

The 2024 Oscar nominations have sparked discussions due to notable snubs in the acting categories, including acclaimed performances that were overlooked. The absence of certain actors and directors has led to widespread reactions and controversies within the entertainment industry.

Notable Snubs in Acting Categories

Some of the most talked-about snubs are in the acting categories, where several acclaimed performances were overlooked for nominations. Notably, Leonardo DiCaprio was not nominated for his role in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ despite early predictions suggesting he was a strong contender for the Best Actor category. Additionally, Charles Melton, Julianne Moore, and Natalie Portman were also left out of the nominations, despite delivering standout performances in ‘May December.’

Other actors who were notably absent from the nominations include Zac Efron for ‘Iron Claw,’ Dominic Sessa for ‘The Holdovers,’ Taraji P. Henson for ‘The Color Purple,’ Rachel McAdams for ‘Are You There God?,’ Barry Keoghan for ‘Saltburn,’ Cailee Spaeny for ‘Priscilla,’ and Teyana Taylor for ‘A Thousand and One.’

Surprises and Controversies

One of the most glaring omissions that has sparked controversy is the absence of Margot Robbie from the nominations, particularly in contrast to Ryan Gosling’s nomination. Additionally, Greta Gerwig’s exclusion from the Best Director category has also raised eyebrows within the industry.

Reactions and Traditions

Unsurprisingly, the Oscar snubs have ignited passionate discussions on social media platforms, with fans and industry insiders expressing their disappointment and frustration. While snubs are a recurring aspect of the Oscars, they continue to generate strong reactions and debates each year.