Barry Keoghan’s Mysterious Valentine’s Day Plans Amid Sabrina Carpenter Romance


Barry Keoghan is keeping his relationship status a closely guarded secret, refusing to confirm if rumored girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter is his Valentine, despite widespread speculation.

Key Takeaway

Barry Keoghan’s refusal to confirm his Valentine’s Day plans with Sabrina Carpenter adds to the mystery surrounding their rumored romance, leaving fans and media outlets intrigued about the true nature of their relationship.

Barry’s Non-Answer Answer

During a recent encounter in Los Angeles, Barry Keoghan was asked about his Valentine’s Day plans, particularly in relation to Sabrina Carpenter. Instead of providing a direct response, Keoghan repeated the question with a mischievous grin, leaving fans to wonder about the true nature of their relationship.

Rumored Romance

While Keoghan did not explicitly address the Valentine’s Day question, his actions suggest that his rumored romance with Sabrina Carpenter is still going strong. Reports have surfaced indicating that the pair appeared affectionate at a post-Grammys event earlier this week.

Past Relationships

Barry Keoghan’s previous relationship with ex-wife Alyson Kierans reportedly ended in 2023, approximately a year after the birth of their son, Brando. Keoghan indirectly confirmed the split during a recent interview with GQ. Despite the public nature of his past relationships, Keoghan remains tight-lipped about his current romantic endeavors.

Keeping Mum

Although Keoghan and Carpenter have been spotted together on multiple occasions, including dinner dates and public events, the actor continues to evade questions about their relationship status. His playful yet evasive response suggests that he prefers to keep his love life private.