50 Halloween Tattoo Ideas To Match Your Costumes

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Looking for exciting Halloween tattoo ideas to match your costumes? Look no further. This curated collection of horror tattoos offers you a grand total of 50 concepts to choose from — temporary or otherwise. After all, if you’re serious about giving it your all during the spookiest time of the year, then why limit yourself to just a costume?

Traditional Halloween Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for some simple, traditional tattoo ideas to complement your Halloween costumes, then here are 10 different tattoos to get you started:

1. Hand Tattoos


If you’re looking for something a little more unconventional to ink yourself with, then why not get a literal hand tattoo? Not only are hands very expressive, but they’re also easy to customize just by switching up the poses. You even have the choice of getting either a skeletal hand or a disembodied one. The latter can be a homage to the iconic The Addams Family character, Thing!

2. Flower Tattoos

Though flower tattoos might sound romantic and beautiful, there are many ways to utilize them to bring about those spooky Halloween vibes. For instance, you can get inked with creepy flowers like snapdragons that resemble human skulls. Don’t hesitate to go all out — especially if your costume represents witches, mad scientists, or anyone with ties to horticulture. 

3. Moon Tattoos

Dressing up as a vampire, witch, or werewolf on Halloween? Accessorize by getting inked with a moon tattoo. The moon represents many things like femininity or enlightenment, all while evoking a sense of mystery. If you’re also looking into the concept of matching Halloween tattoo ideas for you and your partner, then moon tattoos serve as the perfect counterpart for sun tattoos. 

4. Skull Tattoos

Those of you out there who are really gunning for spooky tattoos should keep an eye out for skull designs. A classic body art figure, skull tattoos are timeless and easy to personalize. Though you’ll be rocking these all year round for the rest of your life, skull tattoos come to life and become extra relevant during Halloween. How could they not? It’s the spookiest time of the year, after all!

5. Snake Tattoos

Seeing as Halloween celebrates all things spooky and otherwise unsettling, snakes make excellent tattoos to mark the occasion. While these critters are enough to give most people the creeps on their own, don’t hesitate to conceptualize more complex Halloween tattoo ideas to include other symbols like plants and skulls if you really want to scale up your patterned ink. These designs are perfect for Halloween costumes like witch doctors or gorgons. 

6. Moth Tattoos

Though they may not be the best choice for people afraid of insects, there’s no denying that moth tattoos are beautiful in their own way. Other than their gorgeous visuals, moth tattoos also symbolize transformation and metamorphosis. Welcoming a new phase in your life? This symbolic body art design is one to consider. Moth tattoos work well with just about any Halloween costume. 

7. Eye Tattoos 

Eyes, or more specifically eyeballs, have a lot of connotations relating to wisdom, and omniscience. For Halloween, you can get eye tattoos on different parts of your body. For instance, arm, chest, and thigh tattoos are all perfect choices. Some cultures even believe in getting a tattoo of an eye on the nape or wrist to ward off evil. If eyeballs aren’t your thing, you can always opt for the Eye of Agamotto and live vicariously as Doctor Strange this spooky season. 

8. Demon Tattoos

If you’re really looking for something eerier, then demon tattoos are right up your alley. Demon tattoos are easy to work with because they can be depicted in a myriad of ways, making it a lot easier for you to personalize your tattoo. Inspiring fear and horror, demon tattoos are perfect for Halloween — so be sure to show them off while donning any Halloween costume of your choice. 

9. Bat Tattoos

Bats are one of the most traditional Halloween tattoo ideas because they represent vampires, nocturnal activities, and creepy animals all at once. The best way to make use of these flying critters is to get shoulder tattoos, chest tattoos, or body tattoos that give them lots of room to spread their wings. Bat tats are perfect with vampire costumes, but you don’t need one to rock them.

10. Witch Tattoos

Last but not least on the list of traditional Halloween tattoo ideas is the witch tattoos. There’s no denying that tattoos like these will draw looks — and not all of them will be pleasant. These are perfect for women who want to feel empowered, embracing their femininity regardless of what society says. Channel the vibes of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and bring the best out of your goth-inspired Halloween costumes with this sort of body art!

Halloween Flash Tattoo Ideas 

For those of you looking to rock some ink that’s a little more noticeable, here are 10 Halloween tattoo ideas to bring out the best in your costumes:

11. Spider Tattoos

If you’re keen on finding good scary tattoo ideas, then why not consider getting one of these creepy-crawly? There are all kinds of spider tattoos, ranging from photorealistic arachnids to those that are highly stylized and cartoonish. Regardless of the route you take, these tattoos can work well with any Halloween costume of your choice. Spiders make for effective arm tattoos, but they also work well as back tattoos and chest tattoos.

12. Goth Tattoos

Rocking a goth-inspired Halloween costume with creative goth makeup looks? Tie your getup together with a goth tattoo! Luckily, horror goth tattoo designs aren’t too difficult to find. When it comes to creating a goth aesthetic, you just need to keep an eye out for dark colors and symbols that are closely associated with the occult, like pentagrams, inverted crosses, and the squared circle. You can’t go wrong with tattoos like these! Get them inked as back tattoos or wrist tattoos for a more dramatic effect. 

13. Crow Tattoos

If you’re fond of crows, then getting a tattoo of this creepy corvid doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Their black feathers, recognizable silhouette, and affinity with the supernatural make them the perfect pick for horror enthusiasts. Naturally, this means crow tattoos partner well with Halloween costumes that rely heavily on the color black — specifically witch costumes. You can choose to ink this as a chest tattoo or thigh tattoo. 

14. Stitch Tattoos

Want a gruesome, yet stylish look? Getting tattoos that resemble the stitches of someone who’s just gone through surgery is a surefire way to spook your friends. If you have a high tolerance for pain, you can consider getting these as finger tattoos to create the illusion that your digits were surgically reattached. Because they’re so noticeable, they also work exceptionally well as thigh tattoos, arm tattoos, and hand tattoos. These tattoos are perfect for people looking to dress up as Frankenstein’s monster.

15. Spiderweb Tattoos

For simple yet highly effective flash tattoo designs, you can’t leave out spiderweb tattoos. These look good as arm tattoos, shoulder tattoos, back tattoos, and chest tattoos. They even work well alongside spider tattoos! But don’t worry if you don’t want to stamp yourself with creepy crawlies, because you can freely play around with webs alone. Get inked with a heart-shaped spiderweb, for example. These are a few of the many Halloween tattoo ideas that work best with witch costumes.

16. Devil Tattoos

Much like demon tattoos, devil tattoos are bound to draw people’s attention. Undoubtedly a controversial choice, this might be just the thing for you depending on your personality. Rebels, goths, and those who want everyone to know they’re not subscribed to certain religious beliefs would get the most mileage out of tattoos like these. They’re perfect with a Cruella de Vil costume or contrarians eager to dress up as priests, pastors, or nuns for Halloween.

17. Ghost Tattoos

Ghosts and their ties to Halloween cannot be denied. Because of this, they make for excellent Halloween tattoo ideas! Considering that there are many different kinds of ghosts to choose from, why not go for a tattoo design that’s a blend between creepy and cute? Ghost tattoos fit all kinds of costumes, so you can afford to dress up as anything this Halloween with this tattoo design in mind.

18. Pumpkin Tattoos

The candle-lit pumpkin is arguably the most iconic symbol for Halloween. Pumpkin tattoos are one of the most customizable tattoos out there so go ham on the color and size. Whether you want a simple pumpkin on your arm or a whole Halloween tattoo sleeve is entirely up to you. Any Halloween costume can be elevated with this fun body art design! 

19. Black Cat Tattoos

If you’re keen on embracing your inner sorcerer, then why not let it show by treating yourself to an all-new black cat tattoo? These dark-furred felines are arguably more cute than scary, especially as small wrist tattoos. However, their associations with misfortune, witchcraft, and the supernatural make them brilliant horror-themed tattoos too. So if you’re looking to dress up as a witch or wizard on Halloween, a black cat tattoo is the perfect accessory to finish your look!

20. Zombie Tattoos

If you really want to scare people, then getting yourself a zombie tattoo should be your first priority. When it comes to tattoos like these, there’s no use in holding back with the gory imagery. Parade those rotting corpses and severed limbs by getting thigh tattoos, arm tattoos, and more! Getting zombie tattoos is also a great way of paying respect to classic thriller zombie movies like 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead.

Scary and Creepy Halloween Tattoo Ideas 

If you’re eager to go all out and decorate your body with Halloween tattoo ideas that are bound to unnerve the people around you, check out this collection of horrific concepts:

21. Rat Tattoos

Though small and cuddly, rats carry a lot of connotations that make them unnerving and outright repulsive to many people. They’re seen as dirty, and they often lurk in the dark. This stigma is precisely what makes them so appealing as tattoos for the spookiest time of the year. These cute Halloween tattoos match with plague doctor costumes, but they’re flexible enough to work with anything! 

22. Magic Tattoos

For fans of the otherworldly and the supernatural, tattoos related to magic, spellcasting, and the arcane are second to none. In an instant, people will be able to recognize that you’re a die-hard fan of fantasy — especially if your tattoo comes from a well-established series or video game like Harry Potter, The Witcher, or Dishonored. These tattoos work best with costumes like witches, wizards, warlocks, and even Demon Slayer cosplays.

23. Voodoo Tattoos

When it comes to voodoo iconography, you can expect tattoos depicting things like shrunken heads, talismans, or dolls with nails hammered through them. Symbols like these have strong ties to the hexes, curses, and the supernatural. Naturally, voodoo tattoos are perfect fits for people wearing Halloween costumes resembling shamans and witch doctors like Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog.

24. Vampire Tattoos

Fortunately, when it comes to vampire-related Halloween tattoo ideas, there are many routes you can take. Whether you’re envisioning horrific, nightmarish entities like Count Orlok from Nosferatu, or something more along the lines of the sparkly men from the Twilight saga – it’s hard to go wrong because the options are so diverse. Unsurprisingly, these tattoos complement people keen on wearing vampire costumes for Halloween.

25. Scarecrow Tattoos

Due to their unsettling features, scarecrows are the stuff of nightmares for a lot of people. For that very reason, it’s a good idea to turn them into arm tattoos or leg tattoos so people can see them easily. Along with costumes reminiscent of scarecrows themselves, these tattoos partner well with any Halloween costume that’s meant to represent a character from The Wizard of Oz

26. Candy Tattoos

Along with jack-o’-lanterns and ghosts, nothing says Halloween like delicious candy from trick-or-treating. Getting tattoos of candy — especially candy stuffed in pumpkins — is one way to let the world know just how much the spookiest time of the year means to you. Since they’re milder and “safer” to use, these work well as arm tattoos, chest tattoos, and thigh tattoos. Any Halloween costume will work well with candy tattoos!

27. Coffin Tattoos

For those of you eager to show off your affinity for the macabre, a tattoo of a coffin is a perfect choice. Having a casket inked into your arm shows the world that you’re already at peace with yourself and how you have lived your life and how death has got no sting on you. Coffin tattoos bring out the best in Halloween costumes designed to resemble vampires and the living dead.

28. Graveyard Tattoos

If coffins don’t fit your aesthetic and you prefer something bigger, then graveyard tattoos are an excellent alternative. Graveyard tattoos often depict landscapes or paint the picture of a much fuller scene. Because of this, these work better as partial or full sleeves tattoos for your arms. Try them out with zombie costumes! After all, graveyards are where zombies tend to crawl out of in works of fiction.

29. Candle Tattoos

Due to their relation to light and illumination, candle tattoos possess connotations of enlightenment and erudition. They can also represent concepts with opposing forces like light and dark or good and evil. At the same time, they might also represent the fleeting nature of time and how we’re all destined to die. Sounds quite morbid, but candle tattoos are sure to complement witch and wizard costumes, as well as characters from H.P. Lovecraft’s works of fiction. 

30. Broom Tattoos

Broomsticks are often associated with the supernatural. After all, the Harry Potter series have popularized the imagery of witches and wizards flying around on them. Though magic doesn’t actually exist, iconography remains, and now the world has associated brooms with the power of flight and witchcraft. Simply because of their association with witches, broom tattoos complement any Halloween costume related to magic, witchcraft, and hexes. 

Minimalistic and Small Tattoo Ideas

While some people would prefer to decorate their bodies with large and colorful tattoos, others would prefer designs that are a little subtler. If you’re keen on finding smaller, more minimalist tattoos, then here are 10 different ideas to help you get the ball rolling:

31. Werewolf Tattoos

It’s one thing to get a tattoo of a wolf, but getting inked with a minimalistic werewolf design is something else entirely. If you already have a moon tattoo, or if you’ve expressed interest in getting one, these two work extremely well together. A werewolf arm tattoo, body tattoo, or back tattoo makes for a wild and horrific look that partners well with any Halloween costume.

32. Haunted House Tattoos

Haunted houses have been a hallmark in horror for a very long time. For those of you keen on showing the world just how much you love all things spooky and horrific, why not get yourself a tattoo of an eerie-looking home? You can even throw in other images like full moons, flying bats, and dead trees for a fuller picture. Seeing as haunted houses are commonly associated with all things spooky, these tattoos can bring out the best in any costume. 

33. Skeleton Tattoos

If you’re keen on getting something to commemorate the spookiest time of the year, then why not get a tattoo of a skeleton? Bones and skulls have become some of the most iconic images in horror and Halloween, making tattoos like these perfect for the occasion. You could opt to ink them on your arm, leg, or chest. Have fun rocking skeleton tattoos with any Halloween costume that you like!

34. Lantern Tattoos

Due to their unique appearance and association with the dark, lanterns have become closely related to mystery, horror, and the night. Similar to candle tattoos, these can be used to symbolize erudition. However, seeing as lanterns are relatively less common, there’s a certain charm to them that makes them a better fit for Halloween. Try experimenting with all sorts of costumes if you have versatile Halloween tattoo ideas like these!

35. Ritual Tattoos

Ritual tattoos speak volumes about the people who own them. Tattoos depicting fantastical things like spells and enchantments show that you’re someone who’s superstitious, someone who loves fantasy, or perhaps even both. All things considered, the unique and occult imagery brought about by ritual tattoos makes them excellent arm tattoo ideas for people dressed as witches, wizards, and demons.

36. Mummy Tattoos

Mummies are unsettling and zany, yet fun and pleasant to look at. This is precisely what makes them so fun to dress up as on Halloween. Getting a tattoo depicting a mummy or the bandages they wear is a fun way to freak out the people around you. Tattoos depicting them can elevate the costumes of pharaohs, Egyptian deities, and even mummies themselves.

37. Dead Tree Tattoos

When it comes to symbolism, dead tree tattoos could represent the inevitability of death. Since they’re recognizable even at a distance, they make for great small Halloween tattoo ideas. And even though tattoos of spooky dead trees look good with just about any Halloween costume, they naturally bring out the best in the costumes inspired by creatures that lurk in the woods, such as werewolves and witches.

38. Witch Hat Tattoos

One of the more feminine Halloween tattoos, witch hat tattoos are instantly recognizable from their shape alone. Because of this, you can make do with a design that is minuscule and minimalistic to let others know that you’re in touch with your inner witch! Don’t be afraid to combine designs like these with related imagery like black cat tattoos or broom tattoos to complete your look.

39. Potion Tattoos

If you’re looking for tattoos that evoke feelings of mystery and creativity, then potion tattoos are perfect for you. Unleash your inner mad scientist by showing off these vials of mysterious substances inked into your skin. Pair the potion tattoos with Halloween costumes inspired by witches, wizards, or the potion master Professor Snape for the perfect ensemble. 

40. Skeletal Tattoos

It’s one thing to get a tattoo of a skull, but if you really want to kick things up a notch, why not get a skeletal back tattoo? Inking the back of your hands (or any part of your body) to make them look like bones is a surefire way to creep someone out — not to mention, this design looks so hardcore! Because they’re so noticeable, these tattoos work well with any Halloween costume.

Movie-Inspired Tattoo Ideas

Keen on paying respects to some of the best Halloween movies? Horror fans who can relate should consider investing in tattoos depicting some of the most iconic films in cinema history. Here are 10 movie-inspired horror tattoos to help you brainstorm: 

41. Michael Myers Tattoos 

Nothing says Halloween like a horror movie, and it’s hard to think of a more appropriate movie to watch on the spookiest time of the year than John Carpenter’s Halloween. Michael Myers, the main character of the film, has earned his place in pop culture history as one of the most iconic slasher villains of all time. With that said, a Halloween tattoo of Michael Myers is an excellent idea for horror aficionados. 

42. Jack Skellington Tattoos

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is an excellent Halloween movie. However, what really makes this movie charming is the unique and exciting character designs. Jack Skellington, for instance, is a highly-stylized skeleton with an iconic and easily recognizable face. Tattoos depicting him should go well with just about any costume, and they make for excellent arm tattoos, thigh tattoos, and leg tattoos. 

43. Ghostface Tattoos

Scream’s very own Ghostface is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic horror movie characters in cinema history. The Scream series is renowned for being scary, funny, and quirky all at once. Since Ghostface is so easily recognizable (not to mention unsettling), tattoos depicting them can bring out the best in any Halloween costume. 

44. Candyman Tattoos

If you’re looking for some fun horror tattoo ideas, then inking yourself with a depiction of Candyman from the 1992 horror film of the same name is one of many good prospects. Naturally, you’ll want to get a thigh or leg tattoo that’s crawling with bees to hammer in what makes this iconic antagonist so disturbing. Parade your fresh ink with any outfit depicting characters from horror films. 

45. Freddy Krueger Tattoos

Freddy Krueger is arguably one of the most iconic horror movie villains of all time. You’ll have a more difficult time finding a fan of cinema who hasn’t heard of him due to the sheer impact Nightmare on Elm Street had on the horror scene. Bring out your best Freddy Kreuger costume and pair it with a matching arm tattoo for a full-on Nightmare on Elm Street-inspired getup! 

46. The Addams Family Tattoos

Another example of easily-recognizable Halloween tattoo ideas is inking yourself with characters from The Addams Family. Each character has a unique silhouette that distinguishes them from one another. For example, Morticia is tall and lithe, whereas Gomez is stout and wide. Tattoos depicting members of the Addams family can bring out the best in Halloween costumes of characters from the same series. This is also perfect as an arm or a leg tattoo. 

47. Jason Voorhees Tattoos

A simple horror movie tattoo depicting Friday the 13th’s infamous Jason Voorhees is a surefire way of letting the world know just how big a fan of scary movies you are. Fortunately, there are many ways you can pay respects to the Crystal Lake Killer. The simplest and most obvious tattoo would be one that depicts his hockey mask. These tattoos will always look good with Jason Voorhees’s costumes on Halloween.

48. Frankenstein Tattoos

By now, you’re probably sick of hearing about the clear distinction between Frankenstein and his monster. The monster is infinitely more iconic anyways, given how he is uniquely designed by stitching together different body parts of numerous corpses. This is precisely what makes him so terrifying! These tattoos match Halloween costumes reminiscent of mad scientists and lumbering undead monsters alike.

49. Casper the Friendly Ghost Tattoos

Though Casper the Friendly Ghost isn’t as scary as your average poltergeist, there’s no doubt that he’s established himself as one of the most iconic spirits of all time. Casper’s well known for being polite and personable, so getting a shoulder tattoo or chest tattoo depicting him is a way to tell other people you’re friendly and fun-loving too. Despite his nature, Casper is still a ghost and that will always make him relevant on Halloween. 

50. Ghostbusters Tattoos

Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters! If you’re a fan of this classic supernatural comedy film, then why not treat yourself to a tattoo that shows the world just how much you love it? Ghostbusters’ tattoos will always be relevant on Halloween. What’s stopping you from dressing up as your favorite character from the film and capping off your look with a Ghostbusters-inspired arm tattoo or chest tattoo? 

Singling Out the Best Halloween Tattoo Ideas for You

Picking out the best Halloween-themed tattoo is no easy task. Tattoos are permanent, so you need to think long and hard about what you plan to ink yourself with. Some people believe tattoos are deeply personal, whereas others are content with getting anything that looks neat. With that said, it’s up to you to decide what tattoos you want. 

Now that you have a little more inspiration for cool Halloween tattoo ideas, it’s time to brush up your knowledge on the spookiest time of the year. Here are some Halloween trivia questions to quiz yourself and your friends!