17 Creative Goth Makeup Looks to Bring Out Your Inner Dark Side

Goth Makeup Looks

Is Goth makeup only for young teens? Not quite. You’d be glad to know that because there are many different varieties of it, there’ll be one that fits your style. The best bit is that you can tweak it to fit your aesthetic. You can make it as grungy, as chic, or as fun as you want. Remember, this is all about self-expression. Don’t be afraid to try new things!


What is Goth?

Goth or the Goth aesthetic encompasses many different forms of art. It can be seen in architecture, literature, music, and even fashion. The movement, as it is more aptly called, can trace its roots to the Goths and VisiGoths. They were known to be the most powerful faction of that period, toppling even the Roman Empire. Despite their strength, however, they were considered outsiders. Not too different from how Goths are seen even today, right?

Despite this, many are still intrigued by the goth subculture. Perhaps this is because of its slowly growing mainstream popularity. From celebrities to works of fiction, there are many Goth icons for new generations to look up to. Many fashion their own style after their favorites, from their clothes to their makeup.


Different Types of Goth Makeup Ideas

Most people tend to have a rather limited view when it comes to the different types of Goths. They usually picture the original style, which was inspired by the early Gothic rock and post punk bands of the 80s. Since then, however, the goth subculture has become more diverse. It is no longer limited to just dark colors. Even easy makeup looks can be transformed to fit this aesthetic. It’s all about having fun and being creative with it!


Pastel Goth Makeup

Pastel Goth is basically a spin-off from your traditional Goth style. However, it has been tweaked to be softer and incorporates lighter colors. Unlike your more hardcore Goth aesthetic, it isn’t unusual for pastel Goth makeup looks to include face gems, sparkles, and bold color. To add edginess, they often choose darker lips or bigger lashes. Remember, the idea is to create a creepy yet cute appearance!


Romantic Goth Makeup

Romantic Goth is a softer version of the traditional Goth, without losing any of its dark sensibilities. In terms of fashion, it takes heavily from the Victorian and Belle Epoque era. When it comes to makeup, however, it features washes of neutral color on the eyes that is offset by black velvet lip colors. More often than not, deep reds are also used. However, you can also try using a nude or brown lip then add drama to your eye shadow instead.


Trad Goth Makeup

As the name suggests, this takes after the original Gothic rock bands of the 80s. When it comes to makeup, their style features pale skin, black eyeliner, and thin brows. Hair is also a big part of completing this look so make sure yours is tousled to a messy perfection. As for eye makeup, you’ll need a steady hand to create intricate shapes and designs. Practice makes perfect so just keep on trying until you find a style that suits what you like.


Cyber Goth Makeup

Cybergoth or Cyber Goth makeup incorporates different subculture elements. This includes Goth, cyberpunk, rivethead, and raver. While there is a wide variety of styles within this subculture, the most common features you’ll find are neon colors and reflective materials. This means bright eye shadow, which is often paired with dark-colored lips. Another important element here is the use of colorful hair extensions, piercings, and even body modifications.


Glam Goth Makeup for Black Girls

If you thought only light-skinned girls can pull off this kind of makeup, then you’re mistaken. It’s all about choosing the right colors that flatter your skin tone and create the look you’re after. Darker shades such as midnight blues and blood-reds actually look even better when used on deeper skin tones so don’t hesitate to experiment with color. Neon? Glitter? It’s all fair game! Just look at the above example for some glam Goth aesthetic inspiration.


Lisbeth Salander Goth Makeup

No, you don’t have to shave your eyebrows for this one—unless you want to! Lisbeth Salander is a fictional character from the Millennium Trilogy and in the film adaptation, she was portrayed by Rooney Mara. Her makeup style is a mix of Goth and punk, but completely doable even for the newbie Goth. When it comes to Salander’s style, it’s not about keeping it perfect. In fact, smudged eye shadow and thick black eyeliner are both requisites for this icon’s look. For that, you’ll only need a few makeup products.


Glittery Goth Makeup

Do glitter and Goth mix? Of course! This adds a bit of glam to the usual gloom of traditional Goth makeup. Experiment with both dark and light eye shadow to find the right style for yourself. You can add glitter on top of it or use it as an accent around your eyes instead. Since there are different types of glitter, you can choose fine or chunky ones depending on the look you’re after.


Pin-Up Gothic Makeup

For those looking for something sexy and glamorous, this would suit you well. It mixes the sensual sensibilities of 50s pin-up with the darkness of the Goth aesthetic. This might be best for those who have more advanced makeup skills as it calls for clean lines and keen attention to detail. From cat-eyes to cut-crease, this style is often seen on icons such as Dita Von Teese and Kat Von D.


Editorial Goth Makeup

Do you want to try a Goth look, but one that’s wearable? Try this simple eye makeup that will add a bit more edginess to your usual style. You don’t even have to use matte black eye shadow. Deep purples and blues will give you the same effect, but with a bit more depth. You need not be precise about this either as any mistake you make can be blended out.


Gothic Lolita Makeup

There are many different Lolita makeup styles, many of which originated from the streets of Harajuku in Japan. One of the most popular, even overseas, is the Gothic Lolita. Like romantic Goth, this is also heavily inspired by the Victorian era. Gothic Lolita makeup can differ from natural to dramatic. The one thing you should avoid is having a pasty complexion, so skip the too-light foundation. Instead, just focus on creating a doll-like appearance when it comes to your eyes. False lashes and circle lenses are a must!


E-Girl Goth Makeup

There are quite a few similarities when it comes to the E-girl style and Goth, but have you considered combining them? Imagine playing with shapes and darker colors when it comes to your eye shadow. Instead of just having a simple wash of color on your lids, draw in batwings or even small hearts. It’s a fun way of experimenting with both your makeup and your look. You can also wear creepy contact lenses or add faux piercings to give your overall appearance more edge.


Vampire Goth Makeup

When most people think of vampire makeup, they usually imagine a less sophisticated version of it. This includes pasty clown makeup and pale lips to give off an undead look. However, this can also be turned into something chic and wearable. For this, rich reds are contrasted with a seamless porcelain base. The monochromatic palette and clean lines help create a more editorial version of a vampire Goth makeup look. The highlight here is the lip color so make sure you choose something eye-catching! Instead of opting for matte black lipstick, try something ultra-glossy.


Gothic Doll Look

There are many different types of doll makeup. You have the light, porcelain doll version that is popular among soft Goth fans. Then you also have the darker style, which is spookier and can also border into costume territory. It all depends on how far you’re willing to take the style and how brave you are when it comes to wearing the look out. For this style of Goth makeup, the usual colors are red and black. However, you can also add more colors depending on the look you’re going for. Just remember, the keyword here is: evil doll. You can get as imaginative as you want!


Tomie Gothic Makeup

It’s one of the best anime you can watch right now. The character of Tomie can also provide great inspiration for a subtle Goth look. This is great for people who want to try getting into the style, but aren’t ready to go all in yet. This is more of a simple Goth makeup look, but you can exaggerate certain features to make it creepier. How about using makeup to make it seem as if your eyes are wider than the average person’s? Putting circle lenses on will boost this effect.


Goth Makeup for Beginners

For this look, you’ll only need one eye shadow, a matte black eyeliner, and some mascara. This is the most basic goth makeup look you can recreate and it is quite flattering on just about everyone. You can go as dark as you want or smudge your eye shadow for a smokier appearance. The highlight is the monochromatic palette and graphic eye shape.


Casual Goth Makeup (90s Inspired)

Remember films like The Craft? What about Winona Ryder’s role as Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice? These films gave us some of the most iconic Goth makeup looks of the 90s. If you’re looking for a more casual Goth style of makeup, then use these as inspiration. The best bit is its simplicity and the fact that you only need a few items to get it done. Start with Kohl eyeliner and a dark lip. Foundation isn’t always necessary, but to create a smooth base, consider using it as well. For this, the most important accessory is your attitude.


Bellatrix Lestrange Makeup

Sunken cheeks and tired eyes are just two of Bellatrix’s most standout features. While most people tend to avoid looking like they have not slept in days, there are those who can pull it off with aplomb. You can even create a more polished version of the style, by adding a more sophisticated eye makeup instead of just exaggerating the shadows of your face. Needless to say, this will certainly bring out your dark side!


Goth Makeup Essentials

There are many great makeup brands out there, with ones catering to the Goth community specifically. Their palettes have all the necessary colors you’ll need to create cool Goth makeup looks. Here are some of the ones you should check out:

  • Kat Von D Makeup
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics
  • LunatiCK Labs Cosmetics
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics
  • Rituel de Fille
  • Manic Panic
  • Melt Cosmetics
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Aside from these brands, you’ll be glad to know that there are drugstore makeup products you can use as well. Even if you’re on a budget, you still pull off Goth makeup flawlessly.

  • NYX Professional Makeup
  • L’Oreal Paris
  • Mehron Makeup
  • Revlon
  • LA Girl Beauty
  • Wet and Wild

If this is your first time attempting this style of makeup, you need not have a whole arsenal of beauty products to get started. Here’s what we recommend:

  • A seamless finish foundation that’s a true match to your skin tone. You can go a shade lighter depending on the look you want. However, for everyday looks, an exact match would be best.
  • A creamy kohl liner or a gel eyeliner. Opt for something matte black for starters as this will be useful for many different looks.
  • A ruby red and dark black lipstick are also great for beginners. You can deepen the red color by adding a bit of black to it, or wear it as it is. These can also be used for cheeks, just make sure you choose a hypo-allergenic formula.


Goth Makeup is Form of Art in Itself

Allow your creativity to flow when trying this style out. There are no rigid rules and you can create your own version of it as you go. Start with the essence of what makes Goth subculture unique and add your own flair to it! We hope the above examples gave you makeup ideas or inspiration to give this unique look a try.