50 Unique Tattoo Ideas To Express Your Artistic Side

woman trying out unique tattoo ideas

Unique tattoo ideas can show off your individuality and flaunt your best self. Moreover, meaningful body art styles can also serve as sentimental pieces that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Express your artistic side and distinct personality with these best tattoos that you can take inspiration from.


Small Tattoo Ideas

If you’re a first-timer with inks or body art, you might initially find needles to be quite scary. Not to mention, the lifetime commitment to a design that will be on your skin forever can be too unnerving on its own already. Fortunately, minimalist tattoo designs are among the best choices you can try. They make for great first tattoo ideas because of their size. Tiny tattoo ideas with meaning are also not only adorable, but can be sentimental inks that you will cherish for life.

Among the simple tattoo ideas you can try out include:



This sunflower tattoo is certainly one of the most common back tattoo ideas—for good reason. They symbolize happiness, vitality, and admiration. Their looks alone already serve so much beauty. Aside from sunflowers, you can also opt for your favorite ones such as the best types of fall flowers or the most beautiful tulip designs.


She is Art

If you’re looking for cool wrist tattoo ideas, you should absolutely take inspiration from this design. Take your fountain pen skills to the test by creating your own motivational or inspiring quotes and have them inked on your wrist. The best part about wrist tattoos is that you often see them when you write, work, or do pretty much anything.


Anklet Design

This design is undoubtedly one of the easy tattoo ideas you can try out. You can take inspiration from its dotted bands that resemble an actual anklet. While this style features elements that are related to outer space, you can opt for others that you prefer. For example, you can try out various flower elements to make for cute charms on your anklet tattoo. 


Minimalist Tattoo on Ear

Among the best ear tattoos are the ones with simple designs. This minimalist ear tattoo is certainly one of the cutest yet most chic examples. The dot work on the ear makes it look sleek. When combined with more intricate details such as leaves or other elements, this tattoo looks even more stunning. Imagining this design with some piercings or ear cuffs can also convince you to try adding some body art to your ears.



Without a doubt, semicolon tattoo ideas are one of the most famous and well-used designs today. Not only do they look great, they also show solidarity for those who struggle with various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and more. In turn, a semicolon design makes for one of the most minimalistic yet meaningful hand tattoo ideas you can try out.



Small tattoos may be tiny in size, but that doesn’t mean you can discount their beauty. This painting-inspired design is one of the unique yet amazing styles that can awaken your creativity. Aside from Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” painting, you can also take inspiration from other significant art designs. Opting for designs similar to the art made by your favorite artists such as Van Gogh or Claude Monet will surely make your tattoo even more amazing.


Crescent Moon Tattoo

Opting for simple shoulder tattoo ideas is always a safe yet cool option for those seeking minimalistic body art designs. If you simply love the moon, this crescent design will surely awe you. Adding some personal flair to this basic design can make it feel more special for you as well. You can include a short quote or your initials to transform it into a more significant tattoo.


Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men

Without a doubt, men’s tattoo designs always serve as awesome ink inspirations. Cool designs such as tribal tattoos and geometric tattoos never fail to awaken one’s creativity the way a tattoo artist can. For some men, their body art means more than just showing off their skin. Many guys would typically go for tattoo drawings and patterns that offer significant meanings to their life or their personal experiences. 

However, some men might be indecisive when it comes to the design they want. There are, indeed, lots of aspects to consider such as size, pattern, colors, and even the body part they want their tattoo on. Fortunately, there are lots of options and available designs that you can take inspiration from. 

If you’re a man who wishes to flaunt your personality or show off your tough side, cool tattoos such as these can certainly help you out:



If you’re looking for good tattoo ideas, you can always opt for fun options such as this fan design. This oriental element surely makes for a cool and different style. You can also customize it with your preferred patterns or even use colors to make it look even more vivid.



When it comes to small tattoo ideas for men, opting for minimalistic designs can make body art look sleeker. This sword art tattoo is certainly one of the most amazing styles that you can take inspiration from. The contrast between a pointed sword’s toughness and an entwined flower’s delicateness also gives this design a deep, thought-provoking significance.


Grim Reaper

Leg tattoo ideas are also great options for men who wish to have some conversation-starters on their body. The grim reaper is a popular icon that appears in various literary works and shows. If you simply love the character or his representation, getting him inked on your body will surely be a great tattoo choice.



Give your inner bicep an astounding design by taking inspiration from this savage tiger tattoo. People most popularly know tigers for their ferocity and strength. Moreover, tigers also symbolize self-esteem and safety. If these qualities are meaningful to you, a tiger tattoo can surely embody your personality, individuality, or aspirations.



Dragon tattoo ideas are truly among the most popular choices not only for men, but even for women. This dragon chest tattoo is a great design that can awaken your creativity. Moreover, dragons symbolize power and intelligence despite many also deeming it a representation of evil or chaos. Whether you can relate to possessing such features or simply love dragons, go for a design that embodies this iconic symbol. 


Naruto and Sasuke

Anime tattoo ideas are great options for fans of Japanese shows and culture. Naruto is just one of the most recognized and popular anime or manga series. It’s no surprise that it quickly touched various fields such as books, movies, and of course—even tattoos. If you love Naruto and Sasuke, this joint design of the two popular characters will surely awe you.



If you are a fan of Greek mythology, you might also admire the Olympian gods. Among people’s favorite is Poseidon, god of the sea. Just like this design, you can also try having your favorite Olympian god, structure, or element inked on your body.


Tattoo Ideas for Women

Just like other trends, cute tattoo ideas for girls are certainly in-the-now. While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, female tattoo ideas also make for a great accessory that you can wear for the rest of your life. Indeed, opting for an intricate design or a minimalistic style can help you show off your individuality. For one, a great patch or embroidery tattoo that looks stitched on your skin is also a great way for you to flaunt your distinct style.

If you’re looking for ideas for the best tattoo drawing or design for you, here are some of the best patterns and examples that can make for inspired choices:



Flower tattoo ideas will never fail to make for cool body art designs. Put your flower drawing skills to the test by coming up with your own floral designs such as this one. Make use of vivid colors for a more vibrant look and of course, go for flowers that you personally love.



Opting for a hyper-realistic tattoo design if your favorite animal is also a great choice when thinking of ink styles that you wish to try. If you simply love cats, you can take inspiration from this tattoo. Give it a more personal touch by going for cat tattoo ideas that resemble your own pet as well.



Among the famous body art styles today are butterfly tattoo ideas. Many people relate butterflies to one’s own soul. Due to its metamorphosis, the insect is also associated with change and adaptation. If you personally love to change for the better and evolve into the best version of yourself, you can never go wrong with a butterfly tattoo.



Searching for minimalistic rose tattoo ideas? Look no further because this simple, sleek design is a definite must-have. This chic style is certainly one of the sexy tattoo ideas that you can try inking on your body. Since roses symbolize love, passion, and grace, they make for a perfect tattoo idea for women who truly exhibit such qualities.



Showing off your individuality through body art is definitely a great way to express yourself. While you’re at it, why not flaunt your exquisite music taste, as well? For instance, music tattoo ideas such as this one can make for a great conversation-starter piece. Here, Irish rock band U2’s 1991 track, “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” is embodied by an intricate tattoo design. Similarly, you can come up with your own style that represents your favorite artist, band, or song.


Lotus Flower Tattoo

In many countries and cultures, the Lotus flower symbolizes purity and revival. In turn, getting this tattoo inked on your body can signify your own evolution and growth. While you can go for a simple design like this, you can also add a personal touch by adding your initials or adding your preferred elements as well.



heart tattoo ideas
Photo by @cirocataldo on Instagram

More than anything, we know the women in our lives for their compassion and kindness through good and tough times. In turn, this heart design is surely one of the best small tattoo ideas for women. Instead of a mere heart, rose flowers sprouting from it also makes this tattoo even more unique and amazing.


Couple Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for date night ideas for Valentine’s Day, why not go for something that could last forever? Indeed, some would agree that having matching tattoos is one of the most romantic gestures that couples could share. Prove your love is forever with these adorable couple tattoo designs:



Finger tattoo ideas for couples are undeniably among the most adorable body art styles. Opting for a design that completes that of your partner’s is certainly a cute choice. Aside from love, you can also go for words that are significant to your relationship or your experiences as a duo.


Compass Tattoo

Having a life partner is a great thing. Aside from having someone to share intimate moments with, they also serve as your best friend who guides you through your life. You can express your thankfulness for each other’s support and guidance by having matching compass tattoos. This is certainly one of the best forearm tattoo ideas that you and your partner can try out.


Sweetheart’s Name

Name tattoo ideas are definitely one of the most well-known designs among couples—and for good reason. Indeed, having your partner’s name or initials inked on your skin is a great declaration of your love for them. A mere glance at your tattoo can also instantly remind you of them and all the great memories you share.


Pizza Lovers

Let others know how your partner got a pizza your heart (see what we did there) by having this coordinating tattoo design. Similarly, you can also go for other food styles that you and your partner love.


Special Date

For some couples, their anniversaries mean so much to them. If you and your partner are the same, you can try out having your anniversary details inked on your body as well. Aside from the date, you can also include elements that are relevant to your special day or ones that are significant to your relationship.


Lion and Lioness

A strong couple deserves a fierce body art design, too. So, why not get a matching lion tattoo together? This can exhibit how you are the king and queen of each other’s lives that help each other thrive and succeed.  


Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Sleeve tattoo ideas are definitely among the best tattoo styles out there. For those who wish to go all or nothing, blackwork tattoo sleeves can surely render body art that will impress everyone. These compact, fully-inked planes will surely give your tattoo a bold, striking appeal. Moreover, the combination of geometric figures and various patterns could give it a distinct yet awesome look.

Getting inked with even a simple design alone is not for the faint of heart. Indeed, considering half to full sleeve tattoo ideas is surely a big decision to make. Not to mention, you’re going to need some time in your hands and a whole lot of courage in your heart. If you happen to already have both, all you’ll need now is a solid design to cover your skin with.

Some of the best tattoo ideas for those wishing to ink sleeves include:


 Color Fun

Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

There are endless designs that you can choose from if you wish to have a tattoo sleeve. One of the best tips you can try out is playing with colors. Making good use of contrasting colors can make your body art stand out. While monochromatic designs look amazing, ones that have vivid colors make them look even more vibrant and distinct.


Star Wars

There’s no contest when it comes to Star Wars tattoo ideas being the best styles there are. Indeed, hyper-realistic tattoos such as this one can definitely show others that you are one with the Force. If you’re a hardcore fan, you can also include Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi character. For those who wish to go into the Dark Side, they can express their love for Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma character by also incorporating the icon into their tattoo design.



When it comes to full sleeve tattoo ideas, you should always opt for ones that express your individuality. If you are known for your strength and courage, you can try going for koi designs. Koi fish are also known for bringing good fortune. Incorporating them into your body art can help make you optimistic and feel lucky. 


Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoo ideas are among the most common tattoo sleeve concepts that people go for. In many ways, they’re considered interesting and cool. Regardless of your age or gender, skull tattoos can definitely make you look tough. Incorporating them with other elements such as fire or even delicate flowers can make them appear even more distinct as well.



What better way to flaunt your favorite artists than by including them in your tattoo sleeve? Take this design, for example. Rappers Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube are known for being hip-hop icons that provided inspiration and happiness to their fans. Similarly, you can incorporate your own favorite artists or bands into your tattoo style. Adding cool elements such as swirls or even geometric shapes can also make your tattoo look even more amazing.


Family Tattoo Ideas

Meaningful tattoo ideas for family members are undoubtedly among the best types of body art styles. For one, having matching or coordinating designs inked on your skin can exhibit a special bond between you. Sister tattoo ideas could include sisters’ shared interests or their best-friends-forever thing. 

On another note, family tattoos can also represent how family ties can be hard to break—just like how tattoos take effort and time to remove. For instance, ideas for mother-daughter tattoos can help display your unconditional love for one another. Being proud to be family would mean a whole lot more when you show it off with beautiful tattoos like these:



Even the toughest ones have the softest hearts for their mothers. Indeed, how else can you show your love for your mom than by having a tattoo inspired by her? For instance, you can include a memorable feature of your mother and have the word “mom” inked on your body. That’ll surely show her and other people just how much you love your mother.


Coordinated Styles

If you and your family members aren’t up for too cheesy or matching styles, you can try out coordinating designs instead. Foot tattoo ideas such as this one are not too identical and aren’t also very visible compared to sleeves or blackwork tattoos. You can choose an element that represents something significant for you and your family members. With a similar design, make use of different colors to make them look less identical yet still connected.



People associate sparrows with faithfulness and love for family. This makes them great tattoo elements if you’re looking for meaningful designs for your family members as well. As sure as sparrows return home annually, a sparrow tattoo can also symbolize how you and your family will find your way back to each other no matter what.



Sisters can be each other’s best frenemies. As sure as the sun and moon might not meet, they never fail to light up the world. Moreover, they are always in the sky—although one could shine brighter than the other at times. Similarly, you and your sister may not always agree on everything but you both never fail to be there for one another. Getting a sun and moon tattoo such as this one can represent your tight and strong bond.



Without a doubt, a bond between brothers is one of the most special and strongest connections. Show off your friendship and lasting ties with a great matching tattoo such as this one. Not only will it look tough or even attract all the ladies, these tattoos also flaunt your soft side and love for your best friend and partner through the good and bad.



Inspired by the famous Walt Disney film, Lilo & Stitch, this tattoo is surely a minimalistic yet endearing design for families. Don’t let anybody get left behind (pun intended) by having it tattooed amongst your family members who are up for identical tattoos. You can play around with the tattoo’s orientation or which body part you want it inked so you can have coordinating styles, too.


Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

It’s true what they say: true friendship lasts forever. If there’s anything that also stays, it’s definitely permanent ink. Flaunt your lasting connection with your best friends with these cool tattoo designs:


Lightning Tattoo

If you and your best friend are Potterheads, you should definitely opt for Harry Potter tattoo ideas. There are so many to choose from, including matching wands, House crests, and even the iconic Golden Snitch. Harry Potter’s lightning scar is also a great choice, as it is one of the major symbols in the series.


I’ll Be There For You

Let us channel our inner Chandler Bing as we ask—could this tattoo BE any cuter? If you and your pal are hardcore fans of the Friends series, arm tattoos with iconic lines from the show are definite must-haves. We suggest going for quotes that reflect your friendship or mere phrases that you and your pal simply can’t get enough of.


Disney Tattoo

Without a doubt, Walt Disney has become an integral part of our lives and even friendships. In turn, Disney tattoo ideas make up for best friendship tattoos for pals who simply love Disney. While you can opt for coordinated Mickey and Minnie designs such as this one, you can also incorporate your favorite Disney characters. For one, you can include Disney princesses that everyone loves or even Disney villains that you hate (but secretly adore).


Friendship Anklet Design

Photo by @king_crownalextattoo on Instagram

Ditch the friendship bracelets and go for a matching anklet tattoo design instead. Simple tattoos such as this one are perfect for best friends who want sleek yet chic designs. Although this design is coordinated, you can personalize it by adding charms that you each love.


Pinky Promise

Matching tattoo ideas that feature pinky promises? Yes, please! If there’s anything we know about friendships, pinky promises are definitely the most special ones. In turn, express your loyalty and love for your pals by taking inspiration from this tattoo design.


The North Star

When it comes to best friend tattoos, the North Star is definitely one of the best designs to consider. The Polaris is esteemed as a compass or indicator in the sky that helps anyone find the north. Just like this sky marker, you could consider your best friend as the anchor that keeps you grounded and collected. After all, the most genuine friendships are ones that bring not only happiness, but also constant support and guidance.


The Bottom Line

Aside from expensive pieces of jewelry, the best tattoos also serve as stunning body accessories. Indeed, body art can turn yourself into an even more gorgeous piece of art (as if you’re not one already!)—all while showing off your individuality. If you’re still deciding on what to get inked on your skin, you always have to consider designs that resonate with your experiences and emotions. This way, you can never regret having them for a lifetime. Above all, always go for ones that you feel comfortable in and of course, lets you be the best version of yourself.