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How to Crochet: A Simple Guide to Making Beautiful Creations

Flatlay of materials on how to crochet

Many people take interest in learning how to crochet various crafts due to their utter beauty and unique designs. Like other craft activities, there are crochet essentials that make crochet kits more complete and reliable. For one, you should have yarn that can help you crochet your beautiful projects. We also recommend keeping at least one sharp pair of scissors when you’re crocheting. Finally, crochet needles can’t be overlooked since they help make loops and complete stitches that you need to accomplish for your project. 

Once your crochet kit is ready, you can then delve into various stitches, patterns, and designs. These will gear you with experience in crocheting crafts without breaking a sweat.


Basic Crochet Stitches

A crochet stitch is the most fundamental part of the art of crocheting. Just like learning how to embroider, there are essential techniques that make the craft special and unique. After practicing basic crochet stitches, you can then jump to trying out various patterns and designs. 

Some of the easy and essential crochet stitches that you must learn include:

Chain Stitch

One of the first things that crochet beginners have to practice is the technique of how to start a crochet chain. This is essential since it will eventually serve as your base or foundation chain. With this, you must also master the method of creating a slip knot and other forms of securing your project upon completion. 

How to create a chain stitch:

  • With your dominant hand, hold your crochet hook and start creating a slip knot to secure your yarn on the hook.
  • Once secured, you can proceed with inserting your crochet yarn over the hook. Do this in a back-to-front manner. Then, make sure to grab the yarn with your hook.
  • Pass your hooked crochet yarn through your slip knot lock and then on your hook. 
  • Replicate the steps above to create more chain stitches that you need for your project.


Single Crochet

Learning how to single crochet (sc) is a cinch, as long as you have the right tools. More importantly, adequate time to practice is also vital in mastering this stitch. These aspects can help you create thick crochet patterns that are perfect for a chunky hat or blanket. 

To make a single crochet, you should:

  • Form a foundation chain of stitches and start putting your crochet hook through the first sequence.
  • For subsequent chains, make sure to always insert your hook into the sc that is placed right under the row.
  • Then, proceed with sliding your crochet hook under the loops you made that were placed on top of the chain.


Double Crochet

Aside from the single crochet, learning how to do a double crochet (dc) stitch is also a helpful way to kickstart your crochet project-making plans. This particular stitch can help spruce up your creations and make them look even more amazing. 

Practice making a double crochet stitch by:

  • Start with a foundation chain of around 12 chain stitches. Continue this by making three more rows that will then serve as your turning chain.
  • Then, insert your yarn over (yo) your crochet hook from back to front. Make sure to insert the hook in the middle of two front loops. Then, insert it below the back loop.
  • Do a yo as you also carefully tug on the wrapped hook of the chain stitch’s middle part. 
  • After making three loops on your crochet hook, you can then proceed with inserting the yarn through the hook’s two initial loops. Upon completing this, you have finally made one double crochet stitch.


Guide on How to Crochet for Beginners

After learning some of the fundamental crochet stitches, you can then launch into familiarizing yourself with how to read and make crochet patterns. Various patterns can help you give your crochet projects a personal touch. Moreover, you can become more skilled and learn how to be happy with simple yet meaningful designs.


How to Crochet a Blanket

One of the most practical and endearing crafts you can make is a cozy blanket. This project can keep you warm at night while you doze off. On the other hand, it can also serve as a decorative item in your house. Learning how to crochet a baby blanket is also perfect if you or someone you know is expecting a baby soon.

To crochet a blanket, all you need to do is:

  • Begin by making your base or foundation chain. A great tip is to start by making a double crochet stitch for your first chain and proceed with a single crochet stitch on your next one.
  • Then, repeat the steps until you reach your desired blanket size.
  • Once you’re done, secure your project by fastening and weaving the ends of the blanket.


How to Crochet a Scarf

A beginner crochet project such as this one can seem quite overwhelming. Indeed, a scarf seems to be quite a lengthy creation to finish. However, making your own scarf is actually one of the easiest creations you can do. It can be done with a set of steps that is easy to familiarize with and follow.

To help you out, here’s a step by step procedure on how to crochet a scarf:

  • Like other crochet crafts, you must start by making a row of chain stitches to act as your base chain.
  • Then, make a chain by drawing your yarn over the crochet hook placed at the front of your slip knot. Then, pull it through the knot. This makes your first chain. 
  • Make around 12 more stitches and create another three to serve as your turning chain. 
  • Proceed by making a dc stitch on your first row starting on the fifth chain that you created from your crochet hook. Continue this process to the end of your stitch row.
  • On the second row, make another turning chain comprised of three chains. Start double crocheting on the second stitch and continue the sequence again until you reach the row’s endpoint.
  • Repeat the process and make more rows to reach your desired scarf length.
  • After acquiring the scarf size you want, you can then proceed with pulling the loop at the end of your last dc stitch. 
  • Cut your yarn loop and tighten your knot by pulling its tail, securing your project’s ends.


How to Crochet a Granny Hat

Crocheted hats are a great way to add texture and style to your everyday outfits. Moreover, they serve as a meaningful gift to say thank you to your loved ones. They will surely appreciate the beauty of your creation. Above all, the time and effort you exerted will make their hearts soft with joy.

Recently, granny hats started getting trendy due to their laidback style. These accessories are also very comfortable to wear. Materials that you’ll be needing on how to crochet a hat are a crochet needle and some yarn. 

To make a granny hat, you can follow these steps:

  • Create a total of eight chain stitches to start your project. 
  • Then, insert your crochet needle through the first stitch you made. This is to link the two ends of your crochet craft. 
  • Make two sc stitches until you acquire a total of 16 stitches for the hat’s outer circle. Upon completing this, you are also done crafting your first row.
  • From this point, you’ll be making multiple sets of stitches in each row. Create the second row by making an sc stitch on the first to third stitches. Then, make two sc stitches for the fourth one. Repeat these steps until you reach the tail-marked row.
  • Stitch the third row with an sc crochet stitch until its end. Do the same for the third row but with two sc stitches.
  • For the subsequent row, make one sc stitch for the first four stitches. The fifth row will be done with two single sc stitches, as well.
  • Once you reach the tail-marked end again, make an sc stitch around the hat’s circle again.
  • Next, crochet your first to sixth stitches with one sc stitch for each one. For the seventh stitch, do a total of two single sc stitches. Repeat this set of steps until you finally arrive at the row’s beginning.
  • For the next row, make one sc stitch again for the first seven stitches. Then, crochet the eighth stitch with two sc stitches. Make sure to repeat these until you reach the row’s tail-marked starting point.
  • The next set is comprised of making one sc stitch from the first to the eighth stitches. The ninth stitch will then be completed with yet another two sc stitches until you reach the row’s beginning spot.
  • At this point, you may have observed and familiarized yourself with the crocheting method done in each row. From the first few stitches to the second to the last, always make a single sc stitch. For the last stitch, crochet two sc stitches.
  • Repeat this technique until you reach your desired hat size.


How to Crochet With Left Hand

Having a dominant left hand means clutching the yarn in the right hand and the crochet hook on the other. Due to this stance, crocheting using your left hand entails learning the basics of right-handed crochet in a reverse manner. This is particularly more challenging since many YouTube crochet tutorials online have a set of instructions that are specifically made for right-handed crocheters. 

Aside from working in a mirrored direction, there are also lots of tips that can help you learn and master crocheting with your left hand such as:

  • Clockwise crocheting is easier when you are to create a round or circle of stitches compared to the usual counter-clockwise direction that right-handed crocheters do.
  • Always start your foundation chain in a left-to-right direction. This way, you will find crocheting more convenient and hassle-free for you. 
  • Similarly, yarning over should be done in a clockwise motion which will feel more natural for you.
  • You can try looking up mirrored patterns of right-handed crochet crafts that you wish to create for you to have a more seamless experience in finishing the project.


How to Crochet a Circle

This is one of the beginner crochet creations due to its easy technique and satisfying outcome. Indeed, crocheted circles make for absolutely wonderful coasters or unique placemats. Aside from flower drawing designs, these items can spruce up your table set-up in no time.

However, mastering how to crochet a magic circle or even a simple one can be challenging at times. Depending on the materials from your crochet kits or your skills, a crochet circle might end up looking quite uneven. Fortunately, this easy and effective method can help you crochet perfect circles in no time:

  • For the first round, make two chains of stitches. Proceed with inserting a total of six sc stitches into the second chain. For the first round’s endpoint, create a slip stitch.
  • After the first round, you can proceed with working two sc stitches in the next round’s stitches. Similarly, end the round and connect it by making a slip stitch to the first stitch you created.
  • Next, craft the circle’s third round by using two sc stitches for each stitch that you already made. For a little variety, you can interchange sc and dc stitches one after another. Slip-stitch the end again to the first stitch that you already created.
  • Repeat this crocheting technique until you reach your desired circle size. Just remember to expand your pattern as you go from round to round to keep your craft consistent-looking. You can also try out various crochet patterns and use them as your border. This way, your simple circle can look even more unique and chic.


Knitting vs. Crochet

Many people confuse crocheting with knitting because of their similar materials and methods. Alike as they may be, these two activities also hold a lot of characteristics that make them unique and special. These include aspects such as:


Materials and Tools

Person holding three yarn rolls for crochet
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

In terms of materials and tools, knitting and crochet have more or less the same ones. For one, both creations are similarly made with yarn. Various colors of yarn rolls make knitted or crocheted projects look even more beautiful. Their different fiber types also create soft to sturdy items—depending on what material you need for a project. Above all, yarn rolls are fun to keep and collect.

Needles are also essential in doing both knitting and crocheting crafts. Crocheters typically use a yarn, tapestry, or darning needle. On the other hand, knitters also use three other types of needles. These include circular, straight, and double-pointed knitting needles. Different needles allow for different techniques and patterns, as well. 

For both crafts, scissors are also important. These tools let you cut out your yarn should you need to do so. Crochet hooks may be usually used with crocheting but some knitters occasionally use them for their projects, too. This tool helps to make loops easier and quicker. Relatively, knitting requires more materials compared to crochet. Aside from the aforementioned tools, knitters also typically have stitch markers and stitch holders in their kits. A measuring tape also proves to be handy in terms of making sure the right dimensions are set.


Craft Technique and Method

Person showing how to crochet
Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

Aside from materials and equipment used, knitting and crocheting also differ in terms of craft technique. This refers to the method in which they start, complete, and secure their projects. The way yarn is handled in each activity is a major factor that makes them distinct from one another. 

For one, the method on how to crochet a granny square or other project involves using a single hook. This will help crochet loops onto the craft that you are making. In contrast, knitting creates loops with the help of long knitting needles. To do this, they shift and make loops from one needle to the other. While this is done, the needle also keeps the crafted stitches in place. 

Due to this difference, many people find crocheting to be quite easier compared to knitting. Of course, this always depends on the tools available that can affect your productivity. Moreover, the size or sheer design of the craft may also determine a project’s difficulty. The more intricate a pattern is, the more effort and time it requires.


Benefits and Purpose

Smiling child and grandmother knitting together
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

While knitting and crocheting may seem like a hectic activity for some, many people actually find a lot of benefits from them. One of the most evident advantages of these activities is stress relief. Learning a new hobby makes for a great way to unwind after a long day after work or school. If you have familiarized yourself with the method and mastered the various techniques needed, the process becomes easier. This way, the whole activity feels even more relaxing and fun.

On another note, many find knitting and crocheting as a great way to earn money. It certainly won’t hurt to acquire a little more dough—especially if it’s from doing something that you truly love. Avid crocheters and knitters make their hobbies a side hustle or even a full-time job because of their income potential. While they come in relatively affordable materials and require not much capital, these activities can help you earn more profit without shelling out so much money.

Concentration is also a key aspect that knitting and crocheting hones. If you tend to lose focus most of the time, doing mindful activities like these can help you be more attentive. In a way, knitting or crochet can serve as a form of meditation that lets you be more aware of your actions and state in the present moment. Indeed, these hobbies serve as a driving force to take heed in the beautiful aspects of our being and our lives.


Now That You Know How to Crochet

Without a doubt, the art of crocheting serves as a great way to create beautiful crafts and make your day even more worthwhile. Now that you know how to crochet, you can start practicing and mastering your skills. Moreover, you can move on to more intricate designs and creations that you’ve always wanted to crochet.