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Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Other Games That Need Revivals

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The initial release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake took the gaming world by storm. Since its announcement in 2015, fans have been rejoicing the reimagining of this beloved classic 90s Japanese Roleplaying Game (JRPG).

Final Fantasy 7 is the seventh installment in the main Final Fantasy series. Released in January 1997, it is the best-selling game in the franchise with over 12 million units sold. Overwhelmingly successful, it is one of the more notable JRPGs. Final Fantasy 7 is clearly a staple in the gaming world — so much so that it got a remake.

What is Final Fantasy VII?

Final Fantasy 7 original title sequence
© Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 is an epic adventure video game that has a multitude of dedicated fans. It was first released for the PlayStation in 1997. Later, the game was made available for other platforms. These include Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, Xbox One, and most recently, Nintendo’s Switch. It’s a tried and true classic that’s not just one of the best Switch games available, but undoubtedly one of the finest video games in the industry. 

Final Fantasy 7 follows the story of Cloud Strife, a mercenary hired by the eco-terrorist group called Avalanche. The group’s goal is to fight the Shinra Electric Power Company, an enterprise that wants to drain the planet of its energy source. Initially apathetic to the cause, Cloud only fought for personal gain and for his childhood friend, Tifa Lockhart.

Eventually, Cloud lends his aid to the rebels to save the planet from the Shinra Group and Sephiroth — Cloud’s own personal nemesis. He embarks on this journey all while having to come to terms with his own lost past.

Final Fantasy 7 offered a compelling story that had fans on the edge of their seats, even if the graphics back then were only 16-bit. Fans felt the emotion of the story; the pain when one character died, the anger because of murder, the feeling of helplessness in front of adversity. And of course, they felt the satisfaction of triumph when Avalanche won against the evil Shinra Group.

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy 7 was a top-notch video game at the time of its release. It revolutionized and affected the gaming industry that we know today.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud fight scene

Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) is the reconceptualization of the iconic 90s video game using top-of-the-line technology in the gaming industry. Cloud and his companions are back, and better than ever. This video game remake introduces its players to a contemporary hybrid battle system that combines real-time action with strategic, command-based combat.

Die-hard fans were ecstatic when the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer was first shown during the 2015 PlayStation Experience. Undoubtedly, the FF7R was one of the most anticipated video games of all time. And it definitely showed, with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer alone garnering over 15 million views since its release.

Courtesy: PlayStation

Square Enix even treated Final Fantasy fans with the demo version in March 2020. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo allowed its players to experience the opening chapter from the game – the Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission. 

Courtesy: PlayStation

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake saw changes made to its story and combat system. Notably, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay offers a rather linear experience. The video game remake also features a vast selection of new customization options for the characters’ builds. The freedom that such customization provides will leave its players eager to get into the next battle sequence and advance into the narrative of the game.

The original Final Fantasy 7 came out with three disks with plentiful side quests and minigames as well as a huge map to explore. Final Fantasy 7 Remake, however, is planned to be released over multiple installments, with the first part being released for the PlayStation 4 in April this year.

Other Games That Deserve Remakes

Final Fantasy 7 was groundbreaking back in 1997, which is why many in the gaming industry still consider it one of the best JRPGs of all time. The nostalgia that came with it set the bar high for other games. That’s why it’s a no-brainer that it got the remake it deserved. But what other classic video games could use the same treatment as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

1. Battlefield Vietnam

Courtesy: Battlefield

Released: 2004
Developers: DICE
Platform: PC

Two years after the release of Battlefield 1942 came the debut of Battlefield Vietnam in 2004. A successful sequel, it took the concept of the first game in the Battlefield franchise and transferred it to the jungles of Vietnam.

Battlefield Vietnam is a grand multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) video game that allows its players to fight the battles of the Vietnam War. Fans of its predecessors were treated to more polished graphics engine, modern weapons, and riveting gameplay. Additionally, the iconic soundtrack of the game permeates its players throughout with the classic Vietnam War protest songs.

Considered by many as a great and fun video game to play, fans of this FPS game deem it as an underrated gem. It’s thus understandable why they would think that this classic video game deserves another shot in the spotlight.

2. Suikoden II

why suikoden ii needs a remake

Released: 1998
Developers: Konami
Platform: PlayStation

Often compared to Final Fantasy 7, Suikoden II is also another staple for fans of role-playing games (RPG). Initially met with lackluster reception in terms of commercial success during its release, Suikoden II still managed to obtain favorable reviews from the gaming community over the years.

Set in the Kingdom of Highland, Suikoden II follows the story of Riou, Nanami and Jowy. The Kingdom of Highland has only recently made peace with the City-States, however tensions arise when parties in Highland’s command engineer the rekindling of war.

Although the graphics may seem outdated to modern gaming enthusiasts, Suikoden 2 offered one of the greatest 2D graphics that ever graced the PlayStation. The characters were vibrant and expressive while the world was filled with minute detail. Overall, Suikoden 2 is an immersive and beautiful game filled with interesting characters weaved into an intriguing plot.

We understand why so many of its loyal fans want to see this classic JRPG get a remake and go head-to-head with Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

3. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Courtesy: Nintendo

Released: 2009
Developers: Level-5 & Square Enix
Platform: Nintendo DS 

Dragon Quest IX is the only installment in the Dragon Quest franchise that has never had a remake. This ninth instalment in the Dragon Quest series is one of the most successful installments in the franchise. It garnered two million pre-orders and another two million units sold after its release date in Japan alone.

Dragon Quest IX follows the same formula of the rest of the Dragon Quest series. It tells the story of a hero going on a journey to fight powerful enemies, however they first need to visit different towns along the way. They need to help solve the problems of the residents before they can proceed to their next destination.

For many fans, the biggest appeal of Dragon Quest IX was the number of customization options available. The characters’ appearances would alter per equipment used, allowing players to create their own outlandish-looking team of characters. Dragon Quest IX also offered some of the best combat and gameplay in the series.

For some fans, a remake of this classic video game may seem unlikely since Square Enix is still preoccupied with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and its later releases. Although the developers have teased the idea of a video game remake during its 10th anniversary, nothing has yet been set into production.

4. Chrono Trigger

Courtesy: Square Enix

Released: 1995
Developers: SquareSoft
Platform: SNES 

It has been 25 years since the debut of this SNES title, but it’s still receiving love from modern gaming enthusiasts. Admittedly, a handful of old RPGs definitely haven’t aged well. Chrono Trigger is fortunately not one of them. Despite its age, this video game still feels very fresh and even innovative.

The game followed the adventures of Crono and his group of friends who traveled through time to respond to and prevent global catastrophes. Chrono Trigger also offered its players multiple endings in line with the time travelling aspect of the game. It may not be the first game to introduce this concept, however for many gamers during this era, it was their first experience with it.

While it has received several re-releases for a number of platforms, such as a remaster for the PlayStation, Nintendo DS, mobile, and most recently for Windows, fans are still clamoring for a full remake of this revered 90s classic video game.

5. Crimson Skies

Courtesy: Microsoft Incorporation

Released: 2000
Developers: Zipper Interactive
Platform: PC

Crimson Skies follows the story of Nathan Zachary, an adventurous air pirate. It is set in an alternate version of the 1930’s America, wherein the primary mode of transportation is air travel. Seeking to rob the affluent for their power, Nathan leads his gang of air pirates in a quest of wealth and riches.

The success of Crimson Skies back in the day can easily be attributed to the fact that there was no other game like it at the time of its release. It was not simply just another flight sim, but an inventive and exceedingly fun history arcade flying game that was fresh and original.

This flight-based video game didn’t mess around doing anything outside of its core strength. It was about flying combat aircrafts and blowing up other ones — which gamers loved! Unsurprisingly, the game has received favorable reviews. It’s regarded for taking the elements of flight simulations and fusing them together with great atmosphere and good storytelling.

Additionally, instead of just focusing on shooting down hordes of enemy planes, Crimson Skies also had missions that required its players to perform hair-raising stunts mid-flight or rescuing a hostage from the top of a speeding train.

Although it did get a sequel, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge in 2003 for the Xbox, fans of the original Crimson Skies are still pushing for a full video game remake with an overhaul to the graphics and audio that can go toe-to-toe with today’s gaming standards.

6.  Battle Realms

Why Battle Realms needs a remake
© Crave Entertainment

Released: 2001
Developers: Liquid Entertainment
Platform: PC

Battle Realms is a real-time strategy or RTS with a strong Japanese theme that revolves around two distinct storylines that take place in over 36 scenarios. Battle Realms’ gameplay mirrors those of many other RTS games, however unlike other RTS games, they have basic worker units called peasants. They are used for gathering resources, construction, and can later upgrade into military units. This video game featured an open-ended campaign and several good multiplayer modes with impressive graphical effects. It also had an innovative resource model. 

What made Battle Realms stand out from other RTS games during its time was that the ranged combat relied on hit-boxes to determine whether the projectile hits or misses. This is in contrast to most RTS games that use a Random Number Generator or RNG. It also offered its players a superb storyline. Although the story is linear, players could still choose which path to take on in a given chapter.

A video game that deals with several social issues such as slavery, feudalism, and betrayal, many Battle Realms fans consider it to be a great yet underrated gem. Although an expansion pack: Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf was released in 2002, die-hard fans of this RTS game are still hoping for a remake with better graphics that wouldn’t limit the way the story was told.

7. Final Fantasy Tactics

Courtesy: Square Enix

Released: 1997
Developers: Squaresoft
Platform: PlayStation

From the creators of the Final Fantasy series, this video game combines the thematic elements of the Final Fantasy franchise with a new game engine and battle system unlike those previously seen in the series.

Tactics follows the story of Ramza Beoulve, a member of the House of Beoulve in the unified kingdom of Ivalice. Ramza finds himself in the middle of the War of the Lions and slowly discovers the truth behind the sinister plot of the war.

Final Fantasy Tactics sits firmly in the “classic” style of gameplay that most JRPGs are known for. It also features battles where characters can only execute action moves within a certain range.

A key element in why so many people were captivated by Tactics was how the job system was so open-ended. When a player’s character develops, they gain more job experience that affects their overall level. As a character gains more experience in various jobs, they also gain access to more advanced or specialized jobs.

This video game has spawned two spinoffs: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. With the success of the FF7R, fans hope that Square Enix would also give this classic video game a remake.

8. Breath of Fire IV

Courtesy: Campcom

Released: 2003
Developers: Capcom
Platform: PlayStation

The fourth game in the Breath of Fire series follows the adventures of Ryu, a young man who has the ability to transform into dragon forms. Interestingly, this JRPG game’s world takes inspiration from both classical European and Japanese folklore.

The charm that Breath of Fire 4 had at the time was how it weaved two and three-dimensional graphics together. The characters in the game were rendered in 2D hand-drawings while the game environment was rendered in full 3D graphics. Additionally, the game used turn-based battle sequences against enemy opponents.

Breath of Fire 4’s storyline easily compares to that of Final Fantasy 7 since it links up coherently from the start, which is a major weakness for some JRPGs. Players rarely got the sense that the adventure was being lengthened illegitimately. The progression of the plot always felt natural and all threads merged consistently.

Although, it may seem like a longshot to get the attention it deserves since Capcom is still busy churning out remakes for the Resident Evil franchise. However, fans of this early 2000s JRPG are still hoping to see the fourth installment of the Breath of Fire franchise get the same treatment as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

9. The Legend of Dragoon

Courtesy: Sony

Released: 1999
Developers: SIE Japan Studio
Platform: PlayStation

This JRPG follows the journey of Dart Feld as he travels through a world wherein ancient dragon warriors called Dragoons exist. He is tasked to battle against the evil forces that are threatening to wipe out the entire world.

The Legend of Dragoon has been compared to the likes of the Final Fantasy series, with some even claiming that this was Sony’s attempt in recreating the success of the Final Fantasy franchise. However, Legend of Dragoon still has aspects that set itself apart from the highly popular series in several ways.

The game’s turn-based combat differed from the rest of the JRPGs at the time. Players could transform into Dragoons with special skill sets. It also featured astonishing cinematic cut-scenes that were fully voice-acted — a rare feat at the time.

With the success of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and launch of the PlayStation 5, it would be easy to assume that now is the perfect time for Sony to remake The Legend of Dragoon.

10. Warcraft 3: Reforged

Why the Warcraft 3 remake needs a remake
© Blizzard

Released: 2020
Developers: Blizzard Entertainment 
Platform: PC and MacOS

Unlike the other entries on this list, Warcraft 3 already has a remake that was released in 2020. However, Warcraft 3: Reforged, unfortunately did not meet the avid fanbase’s expectations. It was back in 2018 that Blizzard announced the remake of Warcraft 3, with lots of promises to the fans. However, this remake was a disaster that left fans of the video game franchise disappointed.

The video game company teased fans with fully remodeled characters and animations, improved cinematic cut-scenes, and an upgraded UI and world editor. However, Blizzard failed to deliver on such promising features. They also decided to remove the custom-game feature, which the original Warcraft 3 was known for. Fans were disheartened to see how scaled-back Warcraft 3: Reforged was compared to the original.

The remake received overwhelmingly negative responses from its players that most of them are demanding for another remake. Warcraft 3 offered complex missions and interesting quests that hooked gamers from all around the globe. For many fans, the remake of this beloved game seemed more like a downgrade than anything else.

Journey’s End 

Once upon a time, video games had poor graphics. However, that was when players could be easily captured by other factors a game could offer. Music, a character’s emotional growth, and the story itself could save a game from bad graphics. Maybe it’s just nostalgia for some, but with companies bringing back old titles, notably with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, fans are clamoring for their own favorites to return. After all, there are endless other classic video games that deserve it.

Thus, with the launch of new and updated gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we eventually see some remakes of these aforementioned video game classics that many know and love.