Ginnifer Goodwin Trusts Disney’s Decision For ‘Snow White’ Live-Action Remake


Ginnifer Goodwin, known for her role as Snow White in the ABC fantasy series “Once Upon a Time,” expressed her trust in Disney’s decision-making for the upcoming live-action “Snow White” remake. During an encounter at Porta Via in Los Angeles, Goodwin shared her thoughts on the potential absence of Prince Charming in the new adaptation.

Key Takeaway

Ginnifer Goodwin trusts Disney’s judgment in determining the direction of the live-action “Snow White” remake, showcasing her confidence in the studio’s decision-making abilities.

Ginnifer’s Perspective

Having portrayed Snow White, Goodwin acknowledged the significance of Prince Charming in the fairytale, drawing from her personal experience. She notably referenced her husband, Josh Dallas, as her real-life Prince Charming, emphasizing the importance of their love story.

Disney’s Direction

Amidst the controversy surrounding the possible exclusion of the love story and the original Seven Dwarfs, Ginnifer expressed her confidence in Disney’s ability to make the best choices for the film. She highlighted Disney’s successful track record, indicating her anticipation for the final version of the remake, regardless of Prince Charming’s involvement.