Best Video Downloaders For Android

man watching buffering video

The majority of us enjoy watching films or videos. There was a time when we could only rely on theatres and television. But now through smartphones, the experience is no longer the same with technology in our pockets. There are plenty of apps that you can stream videos directly, or download and save them offline within the app.

Unlike before, you can now download videos easily from any part of the world. All you need is a stable internet provider that works for their customer, like CenturyLink. They offer amazing packages and good customer service, if you are a Spinach narrative you can reach CenturyLink Servicio al cliente. They are available 24/7 for your assistance.

With that sorted, we have picked some of the most effective video downloader apps for Android phones that will let you download any video you like and watch them even when you’re offline.


YouTube Go

YouTube Go is a light Android application from Google specifically designed for slow-performing smartphones. Those who wish to access YouTube videos legally and free can utilize this app. In contrast to the standard YouTube app, which displays the download button on certain videos and then prompts users to sign up to YouTube Premium, YouTube Go does not have such limitations. Users can use the app to download videos in a snap.

YouTube Video Downloader also lets you upload videos in good quality without connecting to the internet. The only downside is that it cannot allow you to download videos from other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.



Videoder is an easy-to-use program with a minimalist interface and simple functions. Although the app comes with advertisements, the app still offers a great user experience. Its operations are easy, and anyone will be able to understand them after using it on their first try. Despite its simple interface, it does an excellent job when you use it to record videos from YouTube in various sizes and resolutions.

With this safe, accessible, light, and speedy YouTube video downloader app for Android on your mobile, one can download multiple video files simultaneously with various resolutions for smartphones.



If you want to save YouTube videos for your smartphone, VidMate is an app that should not be overlooked. This app allows users to download videos from YouTube with the highest quality. To make the process more straightforward for users, the videos in the app are categorized according to upcoming releases, top-rated, and most popular.

It’s not the only thing; this video downloader allows users to restart, pause, resume the download, and stop or break the process of downloading. Since this downloading procedure can be done within the background, working with other apps simultaneously is possible. The app also includes a guide on transferring YouTube videos to the gallery or a memory card in your Android phone.



InsTube has been identified as among the best video downloaders because it is easy to use. The Android YouTube video downloading application can download music and videos from a variety of well-known video hosting websites such as YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Vevo, and many more. With this app for downloading videos available, you can quickly download HD resolution videos at the maximum download speed to your Android phone regardless of having a very sluggish Internet connection.



If you’re still deciding which app to use, try NewPipe, an open-source Android application that allows you to download YouTube videos onto your smartphones, but not on the internal storage or the SD card.

NewPipe may be light; however, it’s well-equipped. It’s designed with the help of developers who aim to give users the original YouTube application experience. The interface is simple to understand and has no annoying ads. Users can listen to, watch and download YouTube videos with this one-stop application. Contrary to many Android applications, NewPipe does not collect any data about the user or track their user behavior. It is a safe choice if you’re particular about your privacy.



With any of these applications, you’ll be able to download whatever you want and save them on your device. We hope you can find this list of the top application for downloading videos useful.