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Best Gacha Games: Our Top 21 Picks

Get hooked with the best gacha games.

Bored of your usual RPG games and looking to try something a little more novel? Then gacha games might very well be your newfound love. But wait. What’s a gacha game?

Gacha games got their name from Japanese Gachapon machines, which are vending machines that dispense capsule toys at random. So if you’re lucky, you’ll get the most expensive, premium toy in the machine. If you’re less blessed, well, then you pretty much end up with a useless knick-knack. Like the gachapon machine, gacha games entice players with probability and chance. 

While they do share similar play styles to the traditional RPGs, the trademark of gacha games is the pulling system. Through the use of in-game currency or real life money, players get a chance to summon more characters and items. But like the case with gachapon, gamers play with blind luck, so they can either pull valuable items or worthless trash. Thus, this leads to players spending more money to get more chances of pulling the items that they want.

This is where this type of game draws in criticism. Many critics consider gacha games to be a form of gambling camouflaged in vibrant fantasy worlds and cute anime girls.

Despite this, we can’t deny the appeal gacha games possess. So here are our picks for the best gacha games to test your luck with.

All Best Gacha Games in 2021

Genshin Impact

We can’t have a list of the best gacha games without mentioning the breakout star of 2020. Genshin Impact is a role-playing game (RPG) set in a visually stunning open world.

Players of this RPG take on the role of a twin, referred to in the game as the Traveler. They must journey across the seven nations in the fantasy world of Teyvat in search of their lost sibling. However, while on this journey, the Traveler gets caught up in clashes of the nations. Accompanied by a fairy-like creature named Paimon, the main protagonist also meets several other characters during their quests.

Enjoyed the exceedingly vast environment of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild? If so, then Genshin Impact will certainly suit your taste. Players of this game can explore the magical land of Teyvat as one out of 24 playable characters. If you have ever played both games, it is evident that the two popular video games may share similarities. However, Genshin Impact distinguishes itself from BOTW with its combat mechanics, and of course its gacha system.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game, however, players can unlock more weapons and characters with the use of in-game currency. Unlike other notorious gacha games, Genshin Impact doesn’t hide any game advancements behind their paywall. Thus, you can still continue to advance in the game’s story without spending a cent in the real world.

Besides being one of the best PS4 games, this game is also available across several other platforms. Players can download Genshin Impact, which has certainly earned a rank as one of the best new gacha games, on PC, iOS, and Android devices.

Epic Seven

This mobile adventure RPG is one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store. Since its release in August 2018, it now has over five million downloads. Filled with unique characters and an engaging storyline, Epic Seven is definitely a fan favorite. Additionally, this turn-based game offers stunning anime-style graphics for a mobile game. It provides a rather generous gacha system that fits perfectly with its audience.

Divided into five types, Epic 7s gacha system allows players to summon more heroes at random. Namely, Covenant Summon, Mystic Summon, Moonlight Summon, Friendship Summon, and Pet Summon. Players can also boost their character’s rating and equipment via these random draws. Users get one free summon per day. However, if you’re down on your luck with the free summon, you can always use real currency to purchase more. Moreover, there are special gachas that are only unlocked once players reach certain levels.

Covenant Summon is the standard and most common summoning system in the game. It requires five Covenant Bookmarks to use. Players need to purchase these bookmarks with Skystones, the game’s currency.

On the other hand, Moonlight is a rarely used summon in Epic Seven. This is due to its requirement of Galaxy Bookmarks, a scarce currency in the game. Players need six Gold Transmit Stones to obtain five Galaxy Bookmarks. Although, five Galaxy Bookmarks will only provide players with one Moonlight Summon. Meanwhile, players can get one Gold Transmit Stones for 20 Covenant Summons. Don’t want to wait 20 Covenant Summons later? No worries, you can always procure Gold Transmit Stones with actual money.

Epic Seven is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is the latest of mobile games based on arguably one of the most iconic media franchises. The game follows a new character named Shallot, an amnesiac Saiyan. The series’ original author was the one who created and designed Shallot specifically for Dragon Ball Legends. Additionally, the game has also introduced several new original characters into the Dragon Ball universe. However, fans of the original series can still play as other memorable characters, such as Goku, Vegeta, and Tien Shinhan.

The story starts off with Shallot, who wakes up to find himself a participant in the Tournament of Time. Shallot, alongside other legendary warriors from across time, must battle it out against each other. This is to determine which warrior is the strongest among them all.

Along the way, players can assemble teams of fighters by summoning them via the game’s gacha system. In order to summon fighters, players must use Chrono Crystals, the in-game currency. These crystals are obtained by completing several story missions and quests. Players have the option to either summon only one character or summon 10 characters. Take note that in order to summon 10 fighters, you must spend a significant amount of Chrono Crystals. Furthermore, players can also unlock other characters during special events hosted by the game. 

Dragon Ball Legends is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Pokemon Masters EX

The next gacha game on our list is another one based on a classic anime series. Pokémon Masters EX allows fans of the original show to explore a brand new world within the Pokemon universe.

Originally released as Pokemon Masters in 2019 for both Android and iOS devices, it was later rebranded as Pokémon Masters EX in August 2020. The game takes place on Pasio, an artificial island in the Pokemon world. Players take on the role of a Pokemon trainer as they collect Pokémon and battle against other trainers. The ultimate goal is to earn the title of Pokémon Masters League Champion. The gameplay sounds familiar, right?

Well, Pokémon Masters EX differs from the rest of the Pokémon mobile games such as Pokemon GO; it has a pulling system.

However, the game has drawn criticism due to the fact that there are not a lot of Pokémon readily available. Players earn the majority of the pocket monsters in this game via summoning them through the gacha system. You will need to purchase gems with actual cash in order to get the chance of pulling Pokemon you want. A single pull will cost you 300 gems, which is equivalent to around three dollars.

Unlike other games, there are no free daily pulls. However, logging in daily onto the game will give you 100 gems. Furthermore, to earn more gems, players can always accomplish daily missions to earn additional 30 gems.

Moreover, in Pokémon Masters EX, players are not only collecting Pokémon. They are also recruiting other notable Pokémon Trainers from other games in the franchise.

Fire Emblem Heroes

First released in 1990, Fire Emblem is undoubtedly a Nintendo classic. Nowadays, it’s considered as one of the best Switch games. However, before it became one of the best gacha games on console, we first got to experience the game on our mobile devices. Developed by Intelligent Systems and released in 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes is the mobile spin-off of the Fire Emblem series.

Since its release, it has received several nominations, such as Best Handheld Game at the 2017 Game Awards. Moreover, it also took home the award for Mobile Game of the Year during the 2018 D.I.C.E. Awards and the SXSW Gaming Awards.

Fire Emblem Heroes feature a huge roster of characters from a franchise with three decades of history. However, in order to unlock these characters, players will need to utilize the game’s gacha-based random pull mechanic.

With that said, summoning new characters will cost a player five Orbs. Gamers can get free Orbs, the in-game currency, by completing side-quests and logging in daily. Additionally, linking one’s Nintendo account to the mobile game can earn you up to 10 Orbs.

However, if Lady Luck is not on your side and you still need more Orbs, there is a faster way to gather in-game currency. If you have yet to draw your desired character, you can always spend real currency to get more Orbs. The price of Orbs will depend on how many you wish to buy. Three Orbs will cost less than two dollars, while 140 Orbs will set you back almost $75. Moreover, these Orbs can also be useful for other in-game upgrades as well.


Arknights was first made available in China back in 2019. However, the Arknights global release date wasn’t until 2020. Since then, it has cemented itself as one of the best gacha games 2020 saw with the Arknights global edition having over one million downloads on Android devices alone.

This tower defense mobile game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future on the planet of Terra. It’s a dystopian planet wherein a deadly virus has increasingly infected the population.

The main objective of the game is for the player to prevent enemies from reaching their territory. This is accomplished by the player placing operators on either ground or elevated tiles. If you’ve ever found yourself playing Plants Vs. Zombies, then you’ll find the gameplay of Arknights to have similar elements. 

Although, what really draws in gamers is the polished lore that the game has to offer. The player takes on the role of a masked and amnesiac “Doctor.” The Doctor commands a  pharmaceutical, medical, and self-defense group called Rhodes Island. Their main mission is to search for a cure to Oripathy.  

Oripath is an increasingly progressive terminal disease with a 100% mortality rate. Caused by overexposure to the mineral Originium, the virus has a high infectivity. This leads to an increase in hostility between the infected and non-infected. As a result, the governments across the plant order mass quarantine for everyone infected. However, tensions arise between the infected and non-infected due to this protocol. 

Meanwhile, an anarchist military force infected by the disease is hellbent on overthrowing the government. The Doctor and his team must defend themselves against these anarchists, all the while trying to find a cure. 

Arknights is available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order mobile gacha game.
Image from Google Play Store

Based on the Japanese adult visual novel, Fate/stay night, Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based combat game wherein the player takes on the role “Master.” The player must summon and command a group of individuals called “Servants” to battle against waves of enemies. Narrated through a visual novel format, the plot involves traveling through time to protect history against historic anomalies. Each servant has their own storyline that the main player can explore throughout the game.

Players have the chance to summon real historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Marie Antoinette. Additionally, mythical figures are also present in the game, such as Sherlock Holmes, as well as Merlin and Lancelot from the King Arthur legends. Players can unlock these servants through the game’s pulling system.

To summon these servants, the player must use Saint Quartz, one of the game’s currency. They can earn Saint Quartz either by completing quests in the game, or by purchasing them using real money.

Furthermore, “Craft Essences” are obtained with the use of these Saint Quartz. These essences boost a servant’s abilities. Additionally, “Friend Points” are another in-game currency that are more easily obtained. However, take note that this can only summon common and less powerful servants.

With all these in mind, since Fate/Grand Order utilizes the gacha system, players can only pull at random. There is also the chance of summoning multiple copies of the same servants. When this happens, the servant’s power increases, yet not by much. 

Notably, a special Fate/Grand Order anime episode aired back in 2016. It was an adaptation of the game’s prologue and received mostly positive reviews from fans of the franchise.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

From the developers of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play mobile RPG. It is a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series that features familiar elements from the main franchise. The game’s story revolves around the individual conflict within each continent. In order to continue with the storyline, the player must complete a series of quests in one continent to unlock a new one.

Furthermore, players have the chance to summon different characters from other games in the series. Players can build their party using these characters to battle against foes. Throughout the game, players gain experience points, crafting materials, and in-game currency, which can all be used to upgrade characters. Thus, this will help them in defeating the final boss of the game. Moreover, players can also summon characters from Square Enix titles, such as Dragon Quest, Tomb Raider, and Kingdom Hearts. Even pop star Ariana Grande has a character based on herself in this Final Fantasy game.

In 2017, Grande herself made the announcement on her Instagram account sharing a summonable character in her likeness. Dangerous Ariana was the first of the characters introduced based on Grande. Chic Ariana, Sportive Ariana, and Charming Kitty Ariana followed soon after.

In addition, for gamers who love playing open-world games, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius features ‘exploration’ stages. Players can freely explore various towns and interact with different characters while in search of resources. During exploration stages, players can also accomplish side-quests and battle opponents during random encounters.

MARVEL Strike Force

Marvel’s own gacha game.
© 2021 MARVEL. MARVEL Strike Force Software © 2021 SCOPELY.

Fans of the Marvel universe will surely enjoy MARVEL Strike Force. Players take on the role of commander in the Special Tactical Reserve for International Key Emergencies (STRIKE). Taking orders from Nick Fury of SHIELD, players must assemble a team of superheroes to take on the villain Ultimus. You and your team must battle against not only villains but also other heroes that Ultimus has brainwashed.

The main game has five unlockable modes: Arena, Blitz, Raids, Challenges, and Alliance War. In each mode, players can gain shards, which are used to unlock different iconic Marvel heroes. Characters are spread across different modes; you have Luke Cage and SpiderMan in Blitz mode, while Daredevil and Deadpool are unlocked in Arena mode. Furthermore, each mode features its own in-game currency, which players can use to upgrade their character or other items.

However, the game’s main currency is Power Cores, which are the only ones that will cost real money. Players can get 150 Power Cores for less than two dollars, meanwhile 8,630 Power Cores will cost less than $100.

Furthermore, the game features an Orb system, which drops three items per orb. Players have the chance of getting a combination of guaranteed character shards and random shards if they receive the more expensive orbs. However, cheaper orbs only drop random shard, gold, and gear items.

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

Based on the popular Sword Art Online franchise, Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag retells the story of the series through the eyes of Kirito. Memory Defrag features the same gameplay elements found in the Sword Art Online series. Players can collect different characters from the famed manga and anime series through the game’s gacha-style unit to build their own team. Additionally, players can enhance their character’s statistics by equipping weapons and upgrading their gear.

In order to unlock characters, players can use memory diamonds, the in-game currency. Collected through different quests and adventures throughout the game, players can earn five memory diamonds per story mission they accomplish. However, they can also purchase these memory diamonds in order to recruit characters to their party faster. It will cost 25 memory diamonds to unlock one character, while 15 memory diamonds garners a random upgradable weapon.

Moreover, the popularity of the novel eventually spawned the Sword Art Online anime adaptation. It was a crowd favorite on streaming sites such as the now defunct KissAnime website.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The next game on our list is another mobile gacha game based on a popular manga and anime series. Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross follows the story of the leader of a band of knights called Meliodas. However, players can also control several other characters during exploration stages. Although, when it comes to the turn-based combat, players can choose their preferred characters to use in battle.

Unlike other gacha games, the random pulls don’t center on characters. Instead, characters’ skills are unlocked with cards that are pulled at random. Players can customize their hero cards, such as upgrading weapons and modifying armor skins. There’s also the option of equipping heroes’ costumes to fit a player’s aesthetics. All of these can help boost a hero’s overall game statistic. While some equipment is acquired through in-app purchases, the majority of the game’s accessories are obtained through completing story missions and random gacha draws. If luck is on your side, one can easily complete this game without spending a cent.

Furthermore, for those familiar with the series, the story of the mobile game mirrors the events of the anime. Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross perfectly intertwines the story with voice acting that’s suited for any acclaimed anime series. Furthermore, the cutscenes offer an abridged plot of the show’s first season. However, this does not take away from the game’s own storytelling mechanic. There are additional side-quests and stories that are not part of the show. Moreover, the Seven Deadly Sins anime adaptation also offers fans a more fleshed out story. It’s considered by many anime fans as one of the best Netflix series available on the streaming platform.

The Alchemist Code

Released in 2017, The Alchemist Code follows the heroes Logi and Dias, whose joint goal is to bring justice and reform the realm. Gamers can explore the world and lore of the alchemists in this free to play mobile game.

The Alchemist Code features several game modes. The story mode takes players through Logi and Dias’s journey. Additionally, when in story mode, players can unlock character shards that are used to increase the strength of their party. Event mode features three different difficulty levels, wherein players can meet additional characters throughout various timelines. Then, in character mode, players can immerse themselves in different characters within their roster. Lastly, players can choose between two Player vs Player (PvP) modes. They can either battle against a computer-generated enemy in automated mode or a live PvP mode against other gamers.

In terms of in-game currency, players can collect gems by accomplishing tasks, logging in daily, and through special in-game events. With these earned gems, players can unlock a number of units from the 60 heroes available. Weapons and gear are unlocked with the use of these gems as well. Unfortunately, there is a difference between these free gems and those purchased with the use of real money. There are some game features that are only unlocked with the use of paid gems. Nevertheless, this does not take away from many players’ enjoyment of the game.

Furthermore, despite its familiar title, The Alchemist Code is not directly connected to the hit anime series Fullmetal Alchemist. However, in 2018, both franchises held a limited time collaborative event. Gamers could summon units from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and explore new event quests that featured both worlds of the fantasy series. Moreover, special rewards were also given during this limited time event.

Dragalia Lost

Initially launched in September 2018, Dragalia Lost saw worldwide release back in 2019. Published by Nintendo, for Android and iOS devices, Dragalia Lost conforms to other action RPGs in the genre. Featuring a nondescript protagonist, the story takes place in Alberia, where man and dragon live together in harmony. It’s a typical fantasy adventure game with its gacha-based character summoning mechanic.

However, just because it heeds the trend of such tropes, does not mean it’s a bad video game. On the contrary, Nintendo has certainly released a fun fantasy mobile adventure game that’s polished enough to compete with console games.

Dragalia Lost features real-time action strategy, wherein players must manually dodge and attack enemies. This is in contrast to other games of the genre, where players need to rely on menu-based inputs and turn-based systems. It utilizes touchscreen controls to strike and dodge enemies. Thus, this leads to a more involved gameplay. Players can enjoy Dragalia Lost on their own or play with up to three others in co-operative multiplayer mode.

Undoubtedly, with its legion of dedicated fans, Dragalia Lost is certainly one of the best gacha games 2019 saw.

Girls’ Frontline

First released in Mainland China back in 2016, Girls’ Frontline took to the worldwide audience in 2018. It’s a mobile turn-based RPG wherein the player takes on the role of newly recruited commander of the Tactical Dolls. Set in 2062, during World War III, the player controls these Tactical Dolls to restore peace in a war-torn society. Girls’ Frontline utilizes strategic team formation and placement in attacking enemy lines.

Furthermore, players can unlock more than 100 Tactical Dolls, also known as T-Dolls. These dolls are inspired by real-world guns, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, handguns, and submachine guns. Each T-Doll has their own personality and ability, which players can enhance by the game’s gacha mechanic. Players get a chance to pull characters, equipment, and gear. However, unlike other gacha games that truly rely on randomness and luck, players can set definite criteria when summoning characters.

Players can build specific characters with the use of “recipes.” This means that if you want to summon a specific type of character, you can tilt the balance in your favor. This is possible by inputting the character’s certain specifications when summoning. Moreover, the game makes it more accessible by providing a recipe book to help in summoning certain T-Dolls. However, take note that this still doesn’t guarantee that you will get the specific character you want.

Azur Lane 

When you first play Azur Lane, you are immediately thrown into a battle of warships. Or in this case, anthropomorphic female characters based on warships. Set in an alternative timeline of World War II, players must take on control of a naval fleet with warships. Based on real historical warships, players can collect warships from the Azur Lane tier lists based on nine different countries. As of January 2021, players can now unlock almost 500 warships.

In terms of actual gameplay, this side-scrolling video game consists of two fleets that the player must battle against. Players must build two fleets, the Escort fleet in the front line and the Main fleet at the back line. The Escort fleet is where most of the clashes occur, with it being directly controlled by the player. In order to dodge enemy attacks, players must command the characters to move with minimal movements within their respective hit-boxes. Besides this, there are also special moves available during cool-down times. However, character movement is slow, thus it will be hard to avoid the majority of enemy fires. These special moves are mostly for offensive purposes, rather than defensive ones.

Besides the game’s main combat, it also features a character dormitory, headquarters for the commander, and even a marriage system. This is possible through earning a character’s affection points. Once it hits 100, players can give a promise ring to their character of choice. Only one promise ring is obtained through quests. If you wish to purchase additional ones, you have to purchase them using in-game currency. Characters also gain additional stats once married.

In 2019, Compile Heart released Azur Lane Crosswave, a 3D adaptation for the PlayStation 4.

Langrisser Mobile

Based on the 90s video game series, Langrisser Mobile is the 2019 direct sequel to Langrisser V. For those who have never heard of these titles, think of Fire Emblem, in terms of combat style and reputation.

Players take control of various heroes on a grid-based map. This game follows a basic class system, with each character being part of one of ten different classes.

When it comes to battles, each unit has a limited range of movement. Players can tap on the hero they want to use, then they’ll see highlighted blue areas of the grid. These areas represent their movement range, whereas the red highlighted areas represent their attach range. Additionally, players can also see their opponent’s movement and attack range. This is done by tapping on the enemy.

With the use of the game’s gacha system, players can unlock and collect new heroes and hero skins. Additionally, heroes are customizable through the game’s class tree progression. The weapons that soldiers wield are customizable as well. Completing daily quests can earn players in-game currency, which is used to summon heroes and upgrade weapons.

Same with other freemium games, players can opt to spend real money to unlock more characters.

Tales of Erin

Set in the fantasy world of Erin, Tales of Erin revolves around the cold war between the Gods and humans. Released in 2018, players of this Japanese RPG takes on the role of Alven, who must master the power of Divinity. Players of Tales of Erin can collect over 80 unique characters. This is done either through the game’s gacha system or unlocking them when they have completed certain story missions.

Unlike other games on our list, the rewards earned in this game are randomized. This means that there aren’t any specific stages to obtain specific items or equipment. If luck is on your side, you can either hit the jackpot with all the Tales of Erin tier list you want, or some random enhancement essence instead.

Moreover, this mobile video game mixes real-time and turn-based battle elements. Thus, this means that characters attack automatically, however players can still command them to use special skills. Furthermore, players can also position their characters into certain areas on the battlefield.

Tales of Erin offers intense anime-styled cut-scenes. Additionally, the marvelous soundtrack is perfect to further immerse players into the game.

Seven Knights 2

Ever since the announcement of the Seven Knights 2 release date, fans of the original have been anticipating to play the sequel. It is set 20 years after the events of the popular mobile RPG Seven Knights, which first saw release in South Korea.

One of the new gacha games released in 2020, Seven Knights 2’s main gameplay mirrors that of the original. This time around, though, it features massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) elements. Players can collect different heroes throughout a variety of game modes. However, unlike other MMORPG games, players can’t build their own customized character to start with. Each player starts off with the same playable character and then recruits more throughout the game.

Players have a roster of 19 playable characters to choose from. Categorized into several classes, each character requires shards in order to advance in statistics.

As mentioned, Seven Knights 2 does not feature customizable characters at the beginning. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t utilize the gacha mechanic. Players can still summon heroes, gear, and even pet companions at random.

Fun fact for Kpop fans: Super Junior member, Kyuhyun, sung the theme song for Seven Knights 2. Additionally, another Super Junior member, Shindong, directed said music video of the song. Both members of the group are known gamers in the Kpop community.

Still fairly new, Seven Knights 2 certainly has all the potential of being one of the best gacha games 2021 will see.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Another mobile game with ties to Final Fantasy, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia first saw release back in 2017. Although, it wasn’t until early 2018 that the game finally hit the global market. Opera Omnia follows that of the original Dissidia Final Fantasy game. However, unlike the original Dissidia, it’s not a fighting game. Rather, it’s a turn-based combat game that features a fairly simple battle system with action role-playing elements mixed into it.

Opera Omnia mirrors that of the missions-based gameplay seen in other mobile games released by Square Enix. Players must follow the game’s narrative through a series of maps in story mode. Along the way, they will encounter and battle familiar foes, as well as collect weapons and equipment. Besides the story’s main journey, players can also participate in different side-quests to unlock characters from the Final Fantasy series.

Fortunately, this Final Fantasy game does not hide any character behind a paywall. This means players have chances of collecting the dozens of heroes from the Final Fantasy universe without spending a cent. However, what does require microtransactions are the characters’ equipment and upgrades. Unlike other gacha games, Opera Omnia offers rotated weekly equipment draws. It also draws in time with special in-game story events.

One Piece Bounty Rush

Based on the long-running franchise, One Piece Bounty Rush has secured the title as one of the best mobile gacha games – for fans of the series, at the very least. This free to play game had a rocky start. First released in 2018, developers removed the game from stores just a few months later. However, that wouldn’t be the last time we saw Bounty Rush. In January 2019, the game launched again, this time featuring a revamped UI, an overhaul on graphics, and even changes to its gameplay.

One Piece Bounty Rush features a capture the flag objective, wherein two teams of four must seize and control battlefields on the map. Based on locations found in the One Piece series, players must secure a minimum of three out of five treasure fields to win. Each match takes place in real-time, lasting for three minutes long, but can end sooner once a team captures all five areas. If they manage to control them for 15 seconds, with no enemies nearby to recapture it, they win the round.

For the reward system, it depends on how many treasures a team secured, with players receiving in-game currency as a reward. However, they can also receive character fragments and special in-game event items. Players can also complete side-missions to earn similar rewards in this game adaptation of the One Piece anime series.

100% Orange Juice

Contrary to its name, 100% Orange Juice doesn’t refer to a drink you would typically find at the grocery store. One of the PC gacha games on our list, 100% Orange Juice’s whole gameplay centers on the gacha mechanic. It features characters from video game developer OrangeJuice’s library of games. Characters from games such as Suguri, Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, and Sora, come together in this multiplayer board game.

The game’s story differs per character, however it invariably starts with a young man called Kai. As soon as he awakens, a strange creature named Marie Poppo steals his wallet. Afterwards, Marie Poppo says that the only way for him to retrieve it is through playing a game of dice. However, once Kai trounces Marie Poppo, she flees to another dimension. From here, Kai’s adventure varies depending on the characters he interacts with.

As mentioned above, since 100% Orange Juice revolves around gacha mechanics, collectables are essential to the game. Players can obtain a wide variety of collectibles; one method is by earning them through accomplishing missions. Another way of collecting these items is by purchasing them with the use of in-game currency. Additionally, mystery crates and bags obtained after quests also offer random rewards. Players can receive character cosmetics which allow them to customize their characters. Moreover, non-cosmetic items comprise either of game cards, boards, or characters themselves.

100% Orange Juice is available for download on Steam. However, for those on a budget, there are still plenty of the best free Steam games to checkout.

Gotta Gacha ’Em All

What started out as a Japanese mobile gaming system has snowballed into a top-money maker mechanic for gaming companies worldwide. When playing the best gacha games, there’s always a gamble. These types of games are typically free-to-play, so it’s easy to get lured into them. This is especially with the appeal of earning random rewards and seeing what’s inside. However, the surrounding controversy around these types of social games is hard to overlook. If you know yourself to be weak when facing the option of in-game purchases, you may want to steer clear of gacha games. This is particularly if the promise of more shiny collectables and vibrant characters is too enticing to ignore.

Nevertheless, we can’t deny the lasting impact that gacha games have on the gaming industry. This is evident with the way gacha games have taken the mainstream stage in recent years. More and more games with gacha systems have saturated every gaming library and store. For those who are just starting on playing these types of games, we hope our list provided you with a plethora of options to choose from.

The provided link leads to Solitaire Masters, an online platform that likely specializes in the popular card game, Solitaire. While specific details may vary, platforms like Solitaire Masters typically offer a virtual space for enthusiasts to play, compete, and hone their Solitaire skills. Such platforms often provide various game modes, challenges, and leaderboards to engage players in a competitive and entertaining environment.