Best Genshin Impact Characters For Every Play Style

Best Genshin Impact Characters

The list of Genshin Impact characters is ever growing. Genshin Impact features a large roster of playable characters, with almost 30 heroes already available and more coming in 2021. Thus, mixing and matching the best characters in order to build the perfect team is crucial. That’s why we created a comprehensive guide to help you decide which characters will best aid you in your adventure in Teyvat.

However, before we dive right in, let’s discuss first what is Genshin Impact. Additionally, we’ll also talk about how it became one of the best gacha games out there.

What is Genshin Impact All About?

Genshin Impact on mobile.
Image credit: miHoYo/Google Playstore

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play role-playing game (RPG) featuring an anime-inspired art style. Set in a visually stunning open world, the story starts with the player taking on the role of the Traveler. The primary objective of this fantasy adventure game is to find the missing twin of the Traveler. However, in true RPG style, the main protagonist gets caught up in several other side quests within the world of Teyvat. As the game progresses, the player can control up to four other heroes that they meet along their journey.

Players can unlock and level up characters by completing quests to advance the story. All Genshin Impact characters possess their own unique abilities, stories, and personalities. They can control one out of seven elements within the game: Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo. These elements are vital in the game’s combat system.

A character’s main ability during battle is their elemental skill. They can use their elemental skill any time except during cooldown periods after they use it. It’s important to note that the cooldown length will vary per character. Typically, the longer the cooldown time, the more powerful the elemental skill usually is.

Moreover, a character’s pinnacle and most powerful attack is their elemental burst. However, before a player can utilize a character’s elemental burst, they will first need to acquire sufficient elemental energy. This is possible by defeating enemies using their basic elemental skill. 

Why is Genshin Impact so Popular?

Ever since the Genshin Impact release date back in September 28, 2020, the game took the gaming world by storm. Broadly speaking, RPGs are popular among the general public. The best RPG games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and The Witcher have even encompassed millions in sales. However, besides its stunning visuals and intense battle sequences, another contributing factor to the game’s success is its gacha system.

For those unfamiliar with the gacha mechanic, this allows users to spend currency to unlock more characters and items. Gamers can either use in-game or real life money to do so. Some gacha games even require their players to spend money to unlock in-game advancements. However, unlike other gacha games, this action RPG allows its players to advance in the game’s story without paying for it.

While you do have the option to spend real world currency to unlock characters, this isn’t compulsory. Completing quests and challenges will earn you enough in-game currency to unlock more heroes. Admittedly, this will require more skill on a player’s end. Nevertheless, you can enjoy Genshin Impact without spending money in the real world.

Cross-platform Gaming

Another reason Genshin Impact is popular is because of its wide availability. It is available on all major gaming platforms like the PS4, Windows, and Android and iOS devices. The Genshin Impact Switch version is still in the works, with the release date still uncertain. If you’re a Switch user, you can still play all the best Switch games until then.

For PC gamers out there, the Genshin Impact PC version is only available for download on the game’s official website. This is a downside for those users who want to preserve their computer’s solid state drive (SSD). That’s why many are looking forward to a Genshin Impact Steam download. For now, though, it seems unlikely for the game to launch on Valve’s gaming library.

Meanwhile, the Genshin Impact PS4 download is available on the PlayStation store. For those who got the latest PS5, the game is still playable through backwards compatibility.

Genshin Impact Characters

As established above, in order to unlock more heroes, players have two options. You can either complete quests or spend premium in-game currency. Additionally, Genshin Impact also features in-game and social media events, wherein players can win new characters and items. Unfortunately, when it comes to Wishes, the game’s main gacha system, your reward will solely rely on luck. You can either receive a rare and powerful hero or forging material.

Nevertheless, here are the best and not-so-best Genshin Impact characters.

Best Genshin Impact Characters


Genshin Impact character Diluc.
Image credit: miHoYo

Diluc is the perfect character if you want to watch the world burn. Or maybe just your enemies. This Pyro character’s main weapon is a claymore. Generally speaking, claymores often restrict a character due to its weight. However, it deals much more damage per swing compared to other melee weapons. With that in mind, Diluc’s elemental skill, Searing Onslaught, is a fantastic offensive move.

It performs a slash attack directed at opponents and has the power to interrupt enemies mid-attack with each hit. Thus, this results in stopping certain enemies from using certain skills and moves. Players can utilize this move three times. After the third use, Diluc’s cooldown period will commence. Additionally, if a player doesn’t use it consecutively within five seconds, this will automatically begin Diluc’s cooldown.

On top of that, Diluc’s Elemental Burst, Dawn, covers a large area of effect. It unleashes flames to knock down opponents, then the flames merge into a weapon that summons a fiery Phoenix. This move then deals more Pyro damage against enemies. Afterwards, once the Phoenix reaches its destination, it explodes and causes more damage around the surrounding area.

Furthermore, Diluc is one of the rarest Genshin Impact characters. The only way to get his character is through the game’s gacha system. If you want to obtain Diluc, you will need to make Wishes using either the Acquaint or Intertwined Fates. Although, both are already a rarity within the game. In order to get more chances of unlocking Diluc, you will need to shell out premium in-game currency or real life money. Nevertheless, considering the immense strength that Diluc can contribute to any roster, many players consider him a mighty investment.


Genshin Impact character Venti.
Image credit: miHoYo

This wine-loving bard is a favorite among the Genshin Impact Reddit community. However, similar to Diluc, he is also one of the rarest characters in the game. Venti cannot be unlocked by simply progressing through the game’s story.

Venti is an Anemo hero who uses the bow and arrow for more offensive moves. His elemental skill, Skyward Sonnet, launches enemies into the air, which causes significant damage. However, it’s his elemental burst, Wind’s Grand Ode, that really makes Venti one of the best Anemo fighters. Venti can create a wind vortex that draws and traps surrounding enemies. While in the vortex, his elemental burst will absorb Cryo, Hydro, Electro, and Pyro Elements of the enemies. Thus, this results in more damage to enemies trapped within. Ultimately, this can pit most battles in Venti’s favor. Because of this, it’s clear to see why he’s a hero that most players want in their rosters.


Genshin Impact character Qiqi.
Image credit: miHoYo

Don’t let Qiqi’s small stature fool you, she is one of the best healers in Genshin Impact. This Cyro character can heal her teammates continuously while swinging her sword against foes. Qiqi’s elemental skill, Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost, not only inflicts Cyro damage towards enemies. It also heals all members of your party, based on Qiqi’s own attack power. Thus, this enables players to use her for both offensive and healing tactics. Ultimately, this makes her one of the best combat support characters in the game. Qiqi also has the ability to revive a teammate and restore their health points (HP) up to 50%. Undeniably, Qiqi’s a great addition to your roster if you want to play the Genshin Impact multiplayer mode with friends.


Genshin Impact character Xiangling.
Image credit: miHoYo

Xiangling is one of the free characters in Genshin Impact. Players will receive her character upon completing the third floor, chamber three of the Spiral Abyss challenge in the game. Just because she’s a free character doesn’t mean she pales in comparison to others, though.

Besides being the head chef at the Wanmin Restaurant, Xiangling is also a competent Pyro fighter. Her swift polearm skills are perfect for blocking against melee attacks. Admittedly, this results in a limited range of attack that’s useful for single-target defense. However, when it comes to her elemental skill and burst, Xiangling can cause more damage against enemies.

Xiangling’s elemental skill summons a fire-breathing panda named Guoba, who deals severe Pyro damage that covers a large area of effect. On top of that, her elemental burst, Pyronado, causes powerful swirls of fire with the help of her pole arm. The Pyronado spins around her for so long as the move persists. Thus, this makes it an effective move against a large number of enemies and a great way to trigger elemental reactions. 


Genshin Impact character Fischl.
Image credit: miHoYo

This self-proclaimed “Prinzessin der Verurteilung” is the ultimate Electro bow character. Both Fischl’s elemental skill and burst summon Oz, a raven forged of darkness and lightning. By keeping Oz on the battlefield, it will create a significant amount of Electro damage to opponents. However, this will only cover a small area of effect. On the up side though, this will continue even after swapping to another hero in your party. Additionally, her elemental burst is a clever way to create a quick escape maneuver, all the while dodging enemy attacks. The only drawback when it comes to Fischl’s character is her elemental skill has a long cooldown period. With that in mind, players need to learn how to exploit Fischl’s ability in the most optimal way possible. If not, Fischl’s offensive strength may go to waste. 


Genshin Impact character Mona.
Image credit: miHoYo

This Hydro hero is a great addition to your party if your main strategy involves a lot of dodging and evasion. Mona’s elemental skill, the Mirror Reflection of Doom, generates an illusory Phantom that taunts nearby enemies. Thus, this results in a great decoy to create quick emergency escapes. However, this ability doesn’t just provide a decoy against enemies. This also generates a great deal of Hydro damage within Mona’s area of effect. Players can utilize this ability four consecutive times. Afterwards, the Phantom will then implode. This causes even more Hydro damage, but with an even larger area of effect.

Moreover, Mona also possesses the ability to dash through water. This is useful for exploration, though, this ability isn’t much better than the standard Dash move. Nevertheless, it still proves useful when crossing most rivers in the game. 


Genshin Impact character Keqing.
Image credit: miHoYo

Keqing is a swift and versatile Electro character. Her elemental skill, Stellar Restoration, creates a Lightning Stiletto that’s ideal for focused attacks. You can precisely hit your opponent and cause intense Electro damage. Additionally, this elemental skill allows Keqing to teleport and reposition herself mid-battle. Outside of battle, though, Stellar Restoration is also a useful tool during exploration. This gives Keqing the ability to climb cliffs and other obstacles.

Furthermore, her elemental burst, Starward Sword, is useful against mobs. This is because it unleashes lightning that produces a series of Electro slashes in her area of effect. Additionally, this ability is helpful during boss fights. Keqing’s elemental burst allows her to induce substantial damage against opponents, with little to no impact on herself. Because of this, she is an ideal asset to any player’s roster.

Okay Genshin Impact Characters


Genshin Impact character Barbara.
Image credit: miHoYo

Similar to Qiqi, Barbara is an excellent Hydro healer. Her elemental skill, Let the Show Begin, summons water droplets shaped as musical notes that deal Hydro damage against surrounding enemies. Additionally, this move also heals other members of the party if you swap them while it is still in effect.

Unfortunately, this is all Barbara is good for. Her attacks do little damage against opponents. As such, Barbara will eventually take a back seat in your roster of heroes. This is especially if you’ve already obtained other more powerful fighters like Mona and Qiqi. Regardless, Barbara is still a useful character during the early parts of the game.


Genshin Impact character Ningguang.
Image credit: miHoYo

Ningguang is a proficient Geo user with an aptitude in blocking opponents. Her elemental skill, Jade Screen, casts a barrier of gold that blocks enemy attacks and causes Geo damage against opponents. Meanwhile, when using her elemental burst, Starshatter, Ningguang scatters gems towards enemies that cause even more damage. However, both her Geo elemental skill and burst attack are only useful for single target attacks. Thus, this limits her area of effect and can only truly take down close-range targets.

Notably, Geo is one of the less useful elements in Genshin Impact. Yes, Geo characters are effective for defensive tactics and can lend needed support to other heroes. However, this results in them being less versatile compared to others. Ningguang is indeed a great fighter to use for support and blocking projectiles. But, that’s where her usefulness stops.

Outside of battles, though, Ningguang is a very suitable character in collecting and farming Ores. This is because her passive talent, Trove of Marvelous Treasures, allows her to find nearby Ore locations. For those still unfamiliar with the game’s world, Ores are used to level up weapons. With that in mind, it’s an item that any player would definitely want. Because of this, Ningguang is still one of the more practical characters to include in your team. 


Genshin Impact character Jean.
Image credit: miHoYo

This Anemo character is a skilled swordswoman who has the ability to strike her enemies with ease. Besides this, she can also launch opponents in any direction you so wish to. This gives Jean an upper hand when dueling it out on platforms, as she can easily launch them off of it. The skill also lands severe Anemo damage to opponents upon impact and ultimately places the odds of the battle in her favor. Moreover, her elemental skill, Gale Blade, is a great form of crowd control as it creates a miniature storm in her area of effect. Additionally, she is also a viable healer with the use of her elemental burst, Dandelion Breeze. Apart from causing damage to enemies within the battlefield, this ability also heals herself and other members of your party.

With all of these in mind, Jean is a triple threat that can be a notable member in your roster. Unfortunately, Jean isn’t the greatest fighter with all these abilities. There are more proficient heroes available that possess the mastery that Jean lacks. 


Genshin Impact character Noelle.
Image credit: miHoYo

If your play style involves diving headfirst into battle, then Noelle is a great fighter for you. This Geo Claymore-wielding maid to the Knights of Favonius is great for defensive support. Admittedly, the Genshin Impact gaming community’s opinion on Noelle is divided. While her elemental skill is great for blocking enemies, that’s all she’s great for. Battles within Genshin Impact typically rely more on offensive strategies instead of defensive ones. If you want to deal severe damage against enemies, Noelle may not be the best option. She comes in handy though, if you want to intercept any attacks before switching to other more competent fighters.


Image credit: miHoYo

Another melee wielding character, Razor is an Electro type who’s great for more offensive strategies. His elemental burst, Lightning Fang, summons Wolf Within, a fitting ability since he himself was raised by wolves. This skill deals severe Electro damage to all nearby enemies. Additionally, the wolf spirit will continue to fight alongside Razor while it is in effect. With that said, he is a brilliant choice for causing twice the amount of damage to opponents. In terms of defense, his elemental burst also makes him immune against electro-charged attacks of enemies. However, this ability disappears once you switch fighters mid-battle.

The downside when it comes to Razor is he isn’t the best fighter to use. This is especially because both his attacks and skills have a short-range area of effect. While powerful, they are both limited. If you already have other more versatile Electro characters such as Fischl or Keqing, then he will not be much help to your lineup. 

Not-So-Okay Genshin Impact Characters

As mentioned above, the main protagonist of Genshin Impact is the Traveler. In the beginning of the game, the Traveler meets a non-playable character named Paimon. Early in the game in a prologue chapter, you will meet three additional characters: Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa. These three are all good characters and will certainly help you during the early stages of the game. However, they don’t necessarily make their marks compared to other characters.


Amber the last Outrider.
Image credit: miHoYo

Amber is the last Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. Her elemental type is Pyro, and her weapon of choice is the bow. Amber is a viable character in the beginning of the game. This is especially because her precise shooting ability will help you in solving environmental puzzles. However, once you obtain more powerful archers, Amber will inevitably take a back seat in your roster. Additionally, her elemental skill, Explosive Puppet, only causes low damage to an enemy. With these in mind, it’s no surprise that some players consider Amber the worst or weakest character. Nevertheless, Amber is still a useful fighter during the early parts of the game. This is especially if you want to aim and shoot enemies from a distance.


Image credit: miHoYo

Kaeya’s elemental type is Cyro, and his weapon is a longsword. Similar to Amber, Kaeya is a good fighter to start off with. However, his elemental skill, Frostgnaw, is only useful for frontal attacks. Thus, this results in a limited range of attack against enemies. His elemental burst, Glacial Waltz, summons three icicles that surround him. While this attack offers more area for damage, it only lasts for eight seconds. That certainly isn’t enough time to inflict significant damage to an enemy. This is especially because it isn’t the most powerful skill there is. Nevertheless, one positive thing about Kaeya’s character is both his skill and burst have very short cooldown times.  


Lisa the witch.
Image credit: miHoYo

Lisa is a witch and the resident librarian of the Knights of Favonius. She is an Electro type of hero with catalyst as her weapon. Out of all the three free characters, Lisa is the most impressive one. Both her elemental skill and burst have a wide area of effect that deals Electro damage against opponents. Violet Arc, her elemental skill, allows players to generate elemental reactions against enemies. Meanwhile, her elemental burst, Lightning Rose, creates up to four lightning attacks. Unfortunately, to fully utilize both of her skills’ potential, you will need to charge it up in order to cause more damage. Otherwise, Lisa is defenseless against more aggressive and powerful characters later in the game. 

Upcoming Characters

New characters
Image credit: miHoYo

The massive realm of Genshin Impact and its characters continues to grow. Released in early February 2021, the latest version featured a new character named Xiao. Since Xiao is a freshly added character, we have yet to see his full potential as a fighter. As such, we didn’t include him in the list just yet. However, from what we’ve gathered, Xiao seems to be one of the strongest heroes so far. He’s a five star Anemo character with an elemental skill that allows him to lunge into mid-air and strike opponents. Unfortunately, this move is a double-edge sword, because while it’s powerful, it also takes a significant toll on Xiao’s HP.

Besides Xiao, fans of the game were also expecting the release of Hu Tao. She’s a Pyro character with a polearm as her weapon, whose name card is already available in the game. That’s why many players couldn’t help their disappointment when version 1.3 rolled out with only one new character. With this in mind, fans are already on the edge of their seats for the 1.4 update, hoping to see even more new Genshin Impact characters.

Version 1.4 Characters

Other rumored characters that fans are expecting to see in the 1.4 version are Dainsleif, Mimi, and Ayaka. miHoYo has yet to release information regarding Mimi other than how she’s expected to be a Hydro Catalyst fighter. Meanwhile, Dainsleif’s character was announced during a livestream event back in 2020. Ayaka, on the other hand, was previously available as a playable character during the Genshin Impact beta testing in 2019. Her name and information were available on the official website under the Mondstadt section. It has since been removed and left fans to wonder when they can add this Cyro sword wielding fighter to their respective teams.

With that said, there’s no concrete Genshin Impact release date for the 1.4 version just yet. Although, miHoYo themselves said that they are planning to release major game updates every six weeks. If they do push through with this timeframe, we can expect the 1.4 version around the second week of March 2021.

Final Verdict: Who are the Best Genshin Impact Characters so Far

Admittedly, it’s hard to determine which characters truly are the best within the world of Genshin Impact. Ultimately, this will still depend on a player’s game style and attack strategy. It’s understandable to want sought-after five-star characters with powerful skills. Although, if you truly are a master of the game, you can surely progress even with just mid-ranking characters in your party. Nevertheless, we hope our Genshin Impact review and character tier list helped you in forming your roster of fighters.

There’s no denying the influence this open world game has made on the gaming community. It even received two Game Awards 2020 nominations in the Best RPG Game and Best Mobile Game categories.

It’s clear to see why many consider it as one of the best free to play games out there. This is especially with its addicting gameplay, high-quality art style, and good monetization mechanic. This is even though the Genshin Impact download is still limited to mobile, PC and PS4 devices.

Despite being available for cross platform, the Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch version still seems like a far-off reality. This is especially with the release of the Switch version trailer being already a year old and with no further details disclosed. Because of this, it’s safe to assume that the Genshin Impact Switch release date is one of the most anticipated announcements that the gaming community is dying to hear.