Tragic Incident: 3-Year-Old Florida Girl Shoots Herself With Unattended Gun


A shocking incident occurred in a home in Florida when a 3-year-old girl accidentally shot herself with an unattended gun. The entire event was captured on video and has left the community and authorities deeply concerned.

Key Takeaway

This tragic incident underscores the need for responsible gun ownership and serves as a wake-up call to regularly assess the safety measures in our homes, especially when children are present. Firearms should always be securely stored and kept out of reach to prevent such heartbreaking accidents.

A Careless Mistake

The incident took place in the living room of Serenity’s grandmother’s Miami-Dade residence. Serenity, an innocent and curious young girl, was playing when she noticed the loaded firearm within her reach. Ignorant of the danger it posed, she reached for the gun as a relative, Orlando Young, was engrossed in watching a football game on his laptop.

The heart-wrenching footage shows the moment Serenity grabbed the pistol and unintentionally caused it to discharge. The bullet struck her, leading to immediate cries of pain. Young, stunned and alarmed, quickly rushes to her side to assess her condition and provide aid. The chaotic scene unfolds as others in the room react in panic.

Young, in a state of urgency, instructs someone to fetch a belt to wrap around Serenity’s wound and stop the bleeding. He then escorts her out of the living room for medical attention. The video unfortunately ends before we can fully comprehend the aftermath of this tragic incident.

Recovery and Legal Consequences

Serenity was promptly rushed to the hospital, where she underwent surgery for her injuries. Thankfully, she was released on Tuesday and is currently recovering at home. The physical wounds will heal, but the emotional trauma caused by this accident will undoubtedly linger for both Serenity and her family.

Authorities, rightfully so, held Young accountable for his careless oversight. He was arrested for leaving his firearm unattended and now faces charges of felony child neglect with great bodily harm. This unfortunate event serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible gun ownership and the dire consequences that can arise from negligence.