11-Year-Old Youth Football Player Arrested For Shooting Two 13-Year-Old Teammates


An 11-year-old youth football player from Florida has been arrested and is facing a second-degree attempted murder charge after allegedly shooting two of his 13-year-old teammates during a practice session. The incident, which took place at the Apopka Northwest Recreation Center, has left the community in shock and raised concerns about gun safety and supervision.

Key Takeaway

An 11-year-old youth football player has been arrested and charged with second-degree attempted murder for shooting two of his 13-year-old teammates. The incident underscores the importance of gun safety and parental responsibility in securing firearms.

The Terrifying Turn of Events

The argument between the three youth football players escalated after practice and continued into the parking lot. It was there that the young suspect had access to a firearm in his mother’s car, according to Apopka police chief Mike McKinley.

Despite his age and lack of criminal history, the 11-year-old allegedly fired a single shot, which hit both of his teammates. One of the victims was struck in the arm, while the other suffered upper body injuries. Both boys, aged 13, are expected to recover.

Legal Ramifications

The young suspect now faces one count of second-degree attempted murder. Chief McKinley mentioned that additional charges may be added as the investigation progresses. Furthermore, the authorities are considering pressing charges against the parents for leaving the firearm accessible to the child.

Chief McKinley emphasized the importance of gun safety and the legal consequences for not properly securing firearms. He stated, “It is a crime to allow your children to have access to your firearm in an unsecured box.”

Community Response

The arrest of an 11-year-old has undoubtedly raised concerns within the community. Chief McKinley acknowledged that no one wants to see a child arrested, but maintained that based on their investigation, the charges were warranted.

Fortunately, the two victims are expected to recover from their injuries. The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the need for safe and responsible firearm storage and highlights the importance of addressing conflicts in a non-violent manner.