Tragic Loss: College Football Player Reed Ryan Passes Away At 22


Reed Ryan, a talented football player from the University of Minnesota Duluth, has sadly passed away at the young age of 22. The devastating news comes after Reed collapsed during a workout earlier this month, and despite the best efforts of school officials, he was unable to recover.

Key Takeaway

The untimely passing of Reed Ryan, a talented college football player, has left a void in the hearts of those who knew him. Beyond his athleticism, Reed will be remembered for his infectious smile and his ability to inspire and uplift his teammates. His tragic loss serves as a reminder of the importance of regular medical check-ups, even for young and seemingly healthy athletes.

A Promising Career Cut Short

Reed Ryan, a 6-foot-3, 241-pound defensive end, was pursuing his passion in the weight room on November 21 when tragedy struck. The young athlete suddenly went into cardiac arrest, caused by an undetected genetic heart condition. Despite the immediate life-saving measures taken by school officials and his subsequent transfer to the ICU, Reed ultimately succumbed to the condition seven days later.

A Life Well-Lived

Reed’s family, in an obituary, paid tribute to the young football player. They highlighted his infectious smile, love for people, and his dedication to being a part of a team. Reed was known for his positive attitude, genuine care for others, and his ability to bring out the best in those around him.

A Journey of Success

Reed’s football career was filled with promise and determination. He excelled at Waunakee High School in Wisconsin before earning a full-ride scholarship to North Dakota State University. After four successful seasons with the Bison, Reed transferred to the University of Minnesota Duluth, where he made an impact in his one year with the Bulldogs.

During his time with the Bulldogs, Reed recorded eight total tackles and one sack, showcasing his skills and relentless work ethic on the field.

A Legacy Remembered

The tragic loss of Reed Ryan has left the UMD football community devastated. Coach Curt Wiese expressed the deep sorrow felt by the staff and players, describing Reed as an individual who continuously aimed for personal growth and brought out the best in others. The NDSU football program also released a statement, remembering Reed as the epitome of a great teammate and a beloved friend.

The legacy of Reed Ryan will undoubtedly live on, and he will forever be remembered for his dedication, positive spirit, and love for the game.