911 Caller Alleges Adults Attempted To Conceal Toddler’s Shooting Incident


A shocking incident unfolded in a Florida home when a 3-year-old girl accidentally shot herself with an unattended gun. What makes this tragedy even more disturbing is the claim made by a 911 caller that the adults in the room attempted to hide the incident.

Key Takeaway

The disturbing 911 call reveals allegations that the adults in the room attempted to hide the shooting incident involving a 3-year-old girl. The incident highlights the dangers of unattended firearms and highlights the need for responsible gun ownership and safety measures.

The Disturbing 911 Call

In a recently obtained audio recording of the 911 call, the caller expresses urgency and panic. Although not present at the scene, she reveals that she has been informed about the shooting and is rushing to provide assistance. Alarmed by the lack of an earlier emergency call, she suspects that the adults in the home deliberately refrained from alerting authorities in an attempt to conceal the situation.

Desperate for immediate medical attention, the caller pleads for an ambulance to be dispatched to the home. She asserts, “And, they are trying to hide it. That’s why they didn’t call fire rescue. I need an officer over there. I need fire rescue over there.”

Further details emerge in the call, indicating that the individuals present in the home intended to transport the injured child to the hospital themselves. Shockingly, the caller reveals that they allowed the toddler to shoot herself in the hand.

The Tragic Sequence of Events

According to the available information, the incident occurred in the living room of the young girl’s grandmother’s home. Surveillance footage shows the toddler, identified as Serenity, innocently playing in the vicinity of a loaded firearm that was negligently left within plain sight.

In the footage, Serenity can be seen jumping onto a couch where the gun is located. She glances at a relative, Orlando Young, who is absorbed in watching a football game on a laptop. In a horrifying instant, the gun discharges, and the bullet strikes Serenity’s hand. The chaotic aftermath unfolds as she cries out in pain.

The Investigation

The 911 call reveals that the caller is en route to the scene while maintaining contact with the dispatcher. Upon arrival, her frustration is evident as she confronts someone, demanding an explanation as to why they failed to call for professional help.

Authorities from the Miami-Dade County police department indicate that family members eventually transported Serenity to a hospital. Meanwhile, Orlando Young, who was responsible for the loaded firearm, has been arrested and charged with child neglect.

The identity of the caller, who raised the alarm about the alleged cover-up and expressed the urgency for medical assistance, remains unclear. However, the girl’s mother, Warnicia Williams, has publicly voiced her desire for accountability from Young.

At present, Young’s attorney has declined to comment on the situation.