911 Audio From Fatal Cyclist Hit-and-Run: Chaos As Apple Watch Calls For Help


In a disturbing turn of events, the 911 audio obtained from the aftermath of the intentional hit-and-run incident that claimed the life of a cyclist in Las Vegas reveals the panic and chaos that ensued. The call, made through the victim’s Apple Watch, laid bare the tragic circumstances surrounding the incident.

Key Takeaway

The 911 audio recording from the fatal cyclist hit-and-run incident in Las Vegas reveals the chaotic and distressing moments following the intentional attack. The incident, captured on video, has resulted in charges against the alleged perpetrators and has sparked outrage among the public.

Panic and Chaos on the 911 Call

The audio recording captured the distressing moment when Andreas Probst’s Apple Watch alerted the 911 operator about the incident. Probst, a 64-year-old retired police chief, had suffered a severe fall and was unresponsive, as indicated by the watch. However, what unfolded in the background of the call was even more terrifying — a growing sense of panic and chaos.

As the call progressed, it became evident that Probst’s injuries were grave. Tragically, despite immediate medical attention, he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The heartbreaking call captured the raw moments of the incident as emergency responders and witnesses grappled with the severity of the situation.

Another Cyclist Targeted

This was not the only distressing call made on that fateful day. Prior to Probst’s hit-and-run, authorities believe the same suspects targeted another cyclist approximately 30 minutes earlier. In the recorded 911 call, a 72-year-old man recounted the intentional attack, expressing his fear that he, too, could have lost his life.

The alleged perpetrator, Jesus Ayala, who was 17 at the time of the incidents but is now 18, is now facing multiple charges, including murder, according to law enforcement officials. Ayala is believed to have been the driver during the incident that resulted in Probst’s death.

Incident Captured on Video

The shocking incident involving Probst was captured on video by a 16-year-old bystander named Jzamir Keys. The footage went viral and sparked widespread outrage. Authorities faced difficulty locating Keys in the aftermath of Probst’s death but eventually located him and took him into custody.

Investigators have determined that Keys was responsible for the earlier non-fatal hit-and-run involving a separate cyclist. The video evidence suggests that Keys actively encouraged Ayala to strike Probst, with both individuals callously laughing as the injured cyclist lay on the ground behind them.