Todd Chrisley Worried About Potential Prison Transfer


Todd Chrisley, the reality star known for his appearances on “Chrisley Knows Best,” is expressing concern about the possibility of being transferred to another prison facility. His attorney, Jay Surgent, has revealed that Chrisley is apprehensive about the potential transfer due to fears of retaliation from guards and officials at the new location.

Key Takeaway

Todd Chrisley, known for his role on “Chrisley Knows Best,” is expressing concerns about the possibility of being transferred to a different prison facility due to fears of retaliation and potential impact on family visits.

Living Conditions and Criticism

Chrisley is currently serving a 12-year sentence at FPC Pensacola for various fraud charges. He has been vocal about the subpar living conditions at the facility, including issues with food quality, possible mold, and plumbing problems. His attorney has indicated that Chrisley’s outspoken criticism of FPC Pensacola has raised worries about facing repercussions if he is moved to a different prison.

Concerns and Family Visits

In addition to his concerns about potential retaliation, Chrisley is also worried about being moved too far away from his family. His daughter, Savannah, regularly visits him at FPC Pensacola, and he fears that a transfer to a different location could make it more difficult for his family to maintain regular visits.

Mentorship and Prison Environment

Despite the challenges he has faced, Chrisley has reportedly taken on a mentorship role for other inmates at FPC Pensacola. His attorney has emphasized Chrisley’s positive impact on the prison community, highlighting his belief that he was sent to prison to help fellow inmates.

Response from Federal Bureau of Prisons

While the Federal Bureau of Prisons has not provided specific details about Chrisley’s potential transfer, a spokesperson stated that prisoner reassignments can occur for various reasons, including medical needs and security considerations. The agency has emphasized its commitment to ensuring safe and humane conditions for incarcerated individuals and encourages them to utilize proper channels for addressing concerns.