Todd Chrisley Expresses Disappointment Over Spending The Holidays Away From Family


Todd Chrisley, known for his appearance on the reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best,” is feeling the holiday blues as he finds himself unable to spend the festive season with his loved ones. Currently serving his sentence, Todd is upset about missing out on precious time with his family.

Key Takeaway

Todd Chrisley expresses disappointment over not being able to spend the holidays with his family while serving his sentence for bank fraud and tax evasion. Despite the challenging circumstances, he remains hopeful for an early release and has found purpose in guiding and supporting his fellow inmates.

Missing Out on Family Time During the Holidays

Todd’s lawyer, Jay Surgent, revealed that Todd is profoundly disheartened by his situation. As the holiday season commences, instead of being surrounded by his family, Todd finds himself in the company of fellow inmates. The absence of his loved ones has left him longing for the comforts of home.

Although Todd’s daughter, Savannah, plans to visit both him and her mother, Julie, during the holidays, it will undoubtedly be a departure from their usual holiday routine. The Chrisleys have been serving their sentences after being convicted for bank fraud and tax evasion last year.

Desire for Homecoming

Savannah earnestly desires her parents’ presence at home during this festive season. However, their release is not imminent, even though Todd and Julie managed to get their sentences reduced. Todd’s sentence was reduced by 2 years, while Julie’s sentence was shortened by 1 year.

For Thanksgiving, Todd will be provided with a special meal at FPC Pensacola in Florida. However, it will be a far cry from the home-cooked feasts he is accustomed to.

Despite the reality sinking in, Todd’s attorney assures that they are actively exploring legal strategies to secure his early release. Todd has a new court date scheduled for March, where his legal team will attempt to overturn his conviction.

Finding Purpose in Prison

During his time behind bars, Todd has been striving to make the most of his circumstances. According to reports, he has taken on a leadership role among his fellow prisoners, offering guidance and advice. Todd firmly believes that his time in prison is a divine mission, as he has previously expressed that he is on a spiritual journey to help other inmates.