Todd And Julie Chrisley Defy Divorce Rumors, Remain Strong In Prison


Todd and Julie Chrisley, despite their current incarceration, are not heading towards divorce. According to their attorney, Jay Surgent, the couple’s love for each other has only grown stronger. Surgent dismisses recent reports suggesting that Julie is considering ending their marriage.

Key Takeaway

Todd and Julie Chrisley, currently incarcerated, are not considering divorce. Their attorney emphasizes their strong belief in their marriage and their faith in God.

In a recent article by the Daily Mail, an unnamed source claims that Julie is certain about divorcing Todd. However, their attorney strongly refutes this claim, stating that divorce is the last thing on their minds.

Their lawyer asserts that the Chrisleys remain united in their belief in God and their trust that the justice system will prevail. They firmly believe that the “right thing” will happen to them as they feel guided by their faith.

To recap, Todd and Julie were convicted last year in a bank fraud and tax evasion trial, resulting in their imprisonment. Todd’s original 12-year sentence was reduced to 10 years, while Julie’s 7-year sentence was reduced to 6 years. Their legal team is still working on reversing Todd’s conviction.

Although spending their first holiday season behind bars, Todd’s attorney assures that Julie remains strong in prison and finds strength in their marriage. This contradicts the Daily Mail’s report, claiming Julie to be “broken and hopeless.”

Surgent also disputes the report stating that Todd convinced Julie to go along with a “foolproof” plan. According to the attorney, Todd did not convince Julie of anything and she has always maintained her position that she had little involvement in the business affairs of their company and was unaware of her financial advisors’ actions.

Meanwhile, the Chrisleys’ daughter, Savannah, has spoken out about her father’s alleged retaliation while in prison for exposing the living conditions at Florida’s FPC Pensacola. Todd’s lawyer contends that he should be commended rather than criticized for bringing attention to these issues.