Susan Sarandon Faces Consequences For Anti-Jewish Rant: Dropped By Hollywood Talent Agency


Susan Sarandon, the Oscar-winning actress, is experiencing swift backlash and facing real-life consequences after making a controversial pro-Palestinian and anti-Jewish rant. The repercussions of her statements have led to her being dropped by the United Talent Agency, a prominent Hollywood talent agency.

Key Takeaway

Susan Sarandon has been dropped by the United Talent Agency after making an anti-Jewish rant during a pro-Palestine protest. Her comments have ignited significant backlash online and raised questions about the future of her acting career.

The decision to sever ties with Sarandon came after numerous staffers at the agency expressed their dismay over her strong views on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. According to Page Six, the news outlet that broke the story, scores of UTA employees were upset by Sarandon’s comments.

During a pro-Palestine protest in New York City, Sarandon openly criticized Israel and made derogatory remarks about Jewish people in America. She claimed that many individuals in the Jewish community feel afraid during these times and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in the country.

Sarandon further grabbed a microphone at the rally to assert that being anti-Palestinian is a result of American brainwashing that starts at a young age. These controversial statements have since spread online, generating widespread criticism across social media platforms.

As a consequence of her remarks, Sarandon now finds herself without representation at UTA, a talent agency she had been signed with since 2014. This year alone, she has had roles in two movies, “Blue Beetle” and “Maybe I Do,” as well as appearances on various TV shows.

It remains to be seen which talent agency, if any, will take on Sarandon as a client in light of the controversy surrounding her recent statements. The consequences she faces serve as a reminder of the real-life impact that public figures can experience when expressing views that breach social and cultural boundaries.