Melissa Barrera Fired From ‘Scream VII’ Over Controversial Social Media Posts


Melissa Barrera, known for her roles in “Scream” and “Scream VI,” has been fired from her starring role in the upcoming ‘Scream VII’ film. The production company behind the franchise, Spyglass Media Group, cited Barrera’s social media posts as the reason for her dismissal, labeling them as hate-inciting and antisemitic.

Key Takeaway

Melissa Barrera has been fired from her role in ‘Scream VII’ due to social media posts that were deemed hate-inciting and antisemitic. Spyglass Media Group, the production company, cited a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech as the reason for her dismissal. Barrera’s departure has necessitated significant changes in the upcoming film.

Controversial Social Media Posts

The decision to remove Barrera from the cast came after she made a series of posts on social media regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. One of her Instagram stories triggered backlash, as she seemed to perpetuate the long-standing trope that Jewish people control the media.

In the story, Barrera stated, “I have been actively looking for videos and information about the Palestinian side for the last 2 weeks or so, following accounts, etc. Why? Because Western media only shows the other side. Why they do that, I will let you deduce for yourself.”

In addition to this, she compared Gaza to a concentration camp and referred to the war in the Middle East as “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing.” Barrera also described Israel as a “colonized” land in her controversial posts.

Production Company’s Zero Tolerance Policy

According to Spyglass Media Group, the decision to fire Barrera was due to their zero-tolerance policy regarding antisemitism and the incitement of hate. The company explicitly stated that they do not tolerate false references to genocide, ethnic cleansing, Holocaust distortion, or any form of hate speech.

Response from Melissa Barrera and Christopher Landon

In response to her firing, Barrera posted on social media, declaring that she would rather be excluded for who she includes than included for who she excludes. Meanwhile, Christopher Landon, the director of ‘Scream VII,’ expressed his disappointment with the decision, stating that it was not his choice to remove Barrera from the cast.

Impact on ‘Scream VII’

With Barrera’s departure, significant changes are expected for the upcoming ‘Scream VII’ film. The production will need to find a new lead actress to fill the role originally meant for Barrera.

Similar Controversy for Susan Sarandon

It’s worth noting that Barrera isn’t the only actress facing backlash for statements regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Susan Sarandon, known for her activism, was recently dropped by her Hollywood talent agency after delivering a controversial speech at a pro-Palestine rally in NYC. Sarandon’s remarks stirred controversy as she compared the experiences of Jewish people in America to being Muslim in America.