Jenna Ortega Engages With Controversial Post On Melissa Barrera’s Palestine Stance


Amidst the news of Jenna Ortega’s departure from the ‘Scream’ franchise, speculations are rife about her alignment with Melissa Barrera’s pro-Palestine position. Recently, it appears that Jenna Ortega liked an Instagram post discussing Melissa’s defense of her stance following her firing. However, this like has since disappeared, leaving fans questioning the true nature of Jenna’s views.

Key Takeaway

Jenna Ortega’s engagement with a controversial post about Melissa Barrera’s pro-Palestine stance adds further intrigue to their respective departures from the ‘Scream’ franchise. The future of the series remains uncertain, with significant challenges ahead for the upcoming sequel.

The Controversy Unfolds

After Melissa Barrera’s firing due to her remarks on Palestine, many suspected Jenna Ortega’s support for her, despite Jenna publicly distancing herself. Speculations grew louder when fans discovered that Jenna had allegedly liked an Instagram post from an account that documented celebrity engagement with the Palestinian cause. The post highlighted Melissa’s commitment to her beliefs even after her exit from the ‘Scream’ franchise.

However, upon revisiting the Instagram page, Jenna’s like was nowhere to be found. Similarly, her own Instagram page and deactivated Twitter account hardly feature any content related to Palestine. Nevertheless, alleged older pro-Palestine tweets attributed to Jenna have surfaced, further fueling the belief that she shares Melissa’s stance.

An Unsettled Franchise

The sudden departure of both Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera has left the ‘Scream’ franchise in a precarious position. As the two biggest stars of the rebooted movies, their characters played a central role in the story arc. Mason Gooding and Jasmin Savoy Brown remain from the new OG cast, but their characters are considered to be secondary to those of Jenna and Melissa.

With the absence of Jenna and Melissa, the future of the franchise hangs in the balance. The writers of “Scream 7” may be forced to take a completely new direction, introducing fresh actors and storylines. Additionally, fans have vowed to boycott the upcoming sequel, further complicating the studio’s ability to generate interest and revenue.

The Fate of ‘Scream’

In the past, the ‘Scream’ films have proven immensely successful, both critically and commercially. However, the question remains whether the absence of the beloved duo will impact the audience’s enthusiasm for the franchise. Can Ghostface alone captivate audiences and fill theater seats? Only time will tell if the forthcoming installment can replicate the past triumphs and overcome the challenges posed by the departure of its stars.