Melissa Barrera’s Controversial Christmas Message Amid ‘Scream 7’ Director Departure


Melissa Barrera, known for her role in the ‘Scream’ franchise, has once again made headlines with her recent Instagram post. The timing of her message, especially during the holiday season, has raised eyebrows, considering the ongoing turmoil within the ‘Scream’ movie series.

Key Takeaway

Melissa Barrera’s public support for Palestine has once again sparked controversy, coinciding with the departure of the ‘Scream 7’ director. The future of the movie remains uncertain amidst these developments.

Melissa’s Pro-Palestine Post

On the eve of Christmas, Barrera shared a thought-provoking image on her Instagram. The post depicted a cartoon of Santa Claus flying over a scene of wrapped bodies, serving as a stark political statement. Her caption was equally bold, urging her followers to reflect on the persecution and flight of a child and his parents to Egypt, drawing a parallel to the plight of millions of Palestinians today. She concluded her message with a simple yet impactful “MERRY XMAS.”

Director’s Departure

Interestingly, the timing of Melissa’s post coincides with the departure of Christopher Landon, the director previously attached to the upcoming ‘Scream 7’ movie. Landon announced his exit, describing the project as a “dream job that turned into a nightmare,” hinting at underlying issues. His departure adds to the challenges faced by the ‘Scream 7’ production, following the earlier dismissal of Barrera due to her pro-Palestine stance.