Sacramento Kings Face Lawsuit Over Alleged Misconduct By Team Choreographer


Two former dancers of the Sacramento Kings are taking legal action against the team, claiming that one of the team’s choreographers engaged in inappropriate conduct, which prevented them from being included in this year’s dance squad.

Key Takeaway

Two former Sacramento Kings dancers have filed a lawsuit against the team, accusing a team choreographer of inappropriate conduct. They allege that the choreographer engaged in misconduct and made advances towards them. Despite reporting the incidents to Human Resources, the dancers claim that no action was taken. They further allege that their failure to be included in the dance squad for the next season was due to retaliation for their complaints. The dancers are suing the Sacramento Kings and the choreographer for unspecified damages.

The Lawsuit

Identified as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, the dancers filed the lawsuit against the NBA franchise in a California court on Tuesday. Jane Doe 1, who was hired by the Kings in 2022, alleged that she noticed a disturbing pattern of misconduct from team choreographer Matthew Day soon after joining the team. According to the lawsuit, Day would engage in inappropriate touching of the dancers during rehearsals, causing emotional discomfort. Jane Doe 1 claims she reported the incidents to the Human Resources department, but no action was taken.

Jane Doe 1 further alleged that Day’s unprofessional behavior persisted even after she brought it to the team’s attention. She claimed that Day sent her several messages on Instagram, some of which contained flirtatious comments and emojis. However, she maintained that she never reciprocated or encouraged any of Day’s advances.

Jane Doe 2, who was also hired by the Kings in 2022, detailed similar allegations against Day in the lawsuit. Both dancers further claimed that when they attempted to rejoin the team for the 2023-24 season, they were surprised to find Day on the judges’ panel. They believe that their failure to be selected for the team following auditions was a form of retaliation for their complaints against Day.

Legal Action and Allegations

The former dancers are suing the Kings and Matthew Day for unspecified damages. Their attorney, Ron Zambrano, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “This is an absolutely stunning case of management at the Sacramento Kings turning a blind eye to Day’s lecherous and illegal behavior. Day committed these creepy acts, and he is certainly responsible for his own conduct, but the team’s inaction amounts to condoning such horrendous working conditions, so both are equally liable for the plaintiffs’ pain and suffering.”