Rosie O’Donnell Expresses Frustration As Drew Barrymore Resumes Talk Show During Writer’s Strike


In a stunning turn of events, Rosie O’Donnell took to social media to express her disappointment and disapproval towards Drew Barrymore’s decision to bring back her talk show amidst the ongoing Writer’s strike. Rosie’s criticism was directed towards Drew, urging her to halt the taping of her show and cease asking audiences to cross the picket line.

Key Takeaway

Rosie O’Donnell publicly condemns Drew Barrymore for resuming her talk show amid the Writer’s strike. The criticism underscores the divisive nature of the strike and the impact it has on industry professionals.

Rosie’s Message to Drew

Rosie did not mince words as she addressed Drew in a post on Instagram. She admonished the actress, suggesting that she should take responsibility for her actions and issue a sincere apology to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and all union members who were facing real hardships due to the strike.

“Stop taping the show,” Rosie wrote. “Stop asking audiences to cross the picket line. Then ask someone to help you craft three declarative sentences.”

Rosie then outlined the sentences that Drew should consider incorporating into her apology:

  1. I made an error.
  2. I apologize to the WGA for disrespecting the work of professional writers.
  3. I apologize to all union members who are withstanding real hardship as I live a life of luxury.

This scathing message from Rosie highlights the significant divide and frustration that exists within the industry due to the ongoing Writer’s strike.

Additional Criticism from Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano, another prominent figure in the entertainment industry, echoed Rosie’s sentiments by co-signing her message. She succinctly remarked, “Not complicated at all.”

Drew’s Controversial Actions

Drew’s handling of the situation had raised eyebrows right from the start. Initially, she announced the comeback of her talk show without writers. However, just a day later, she released a tearful apology video but still insisted on proceeding with the show. The unexpected backlash caught her off guard, and she reportedly did not anticipate the magnitude of the criticism.

The WGA, in response to Drew’s decision, has vowed to picket outside her show. Additionally, the union has made it clear that any member who appears on Drew’s show will be considered a scab, a term used to describe someone who continues to work during a strike.