New Drama Unfolds: Drew Barrymore’s Head Writers Refuse To Return To Talk Show Post-Strike


A major shake-up is occurring behind the scenes of “The Drew Barrymore Show” as three of the show’s co-head writers, Chelsea White, Cristina Kinon, and Liz Koe, have made the surprising decision to refuse to return to the talk show post-strike. This unexpected news comes after Drew Barrymore’s actions during the writers’ strike seem to have deeply offended her top writers, creating a rift between them.

Key Takeaway

The decision of the co-head writers to refuse to return to “The Drew Barrymore Show” post-strike has created uncertainty and challenges for the production. As the show’s return date approaches, finding suitable replacements becomes crucial to maintain the show’s success.

The Writers Take a Stand

During the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike, these co-head writers were seen picketing outside CBS’s NYC office, showing their solidarity with the strike. However, when Drew Barrymore announced that she intended to bring her show back before the strike was officially over, some of the writers openly expressed their disappointment in their boss. This backlash echoed the sentiments of many in the industry.

Despite Drew ultimately reversing her decision and postponing the show’s return, it appears that the relationship between her and the head writers has been irreparably damaged. The refusal of the top writers to come back to the show post-strike has left the production scrambling to find replacement scribes, putting the show’s future in uncertainty.

Implications for “The Drew Barrymore Show”

With the departure of Chelsea White, Cristina Kinon, and Liz Koe, it remains unclear how this will impact the scheduled return of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” which was recently announced as October 16th. Without their invaluable contributions, the show will likely face challenges in maintaining its previous success and maintaining the same level of quality that viewers have come to expect.

As the production team rushes to find new writers, the pressure is on to ensure a seamless transition and maintain the show’s popularity. Drew Barrymore and her team will need to find talented individuals who can capture the essence of the show and deliver fresh and engaging content.

Amidst this ongoing drama, fans of “The Drew Barrymore Show” eagerly await updates and hope for a resolution that will ensure the continued success of the popular daytime program. Stay tuned for further developments as the show’s future hangs in the balance.