Drew Barrymore Offers Emotional Apology To Striking Writers, Will Keep Show Going


Drew Barrymore Apologizes for Continuing Show Amidst Writer’s Strike

Drew Barrymore, the popular talk show host, has issued a heartfelt apology to the thousands of writers currently on strike while her show resumes production. In a tearful social media post on Friday, she took full responsibility for the anger she has faced since announcing over the weekend that her show would resume.

Key Takeaway

Drew Barrymore has publicly apologized to the striking writers and has acknowledged the criticism she has received for continuing her show’s production. While she expresses remorse, she is determined to move forward while ensuring that no rules are broken.

Barrymore expressed that she believes there is nothing she can do to fix the situation but wanted to make it clear that she did not want to hide behind others in making the decision to continue. She admitted that she did not anticipate the strong backlash and outcry but emphasized that she would not break any rules with her show.

It is interesting to note that Barrymore is not halting production altogether but rather explaining why she chose to move forward, citing reasons similar to Bill Maher’s decision to bring “Real Time” back to the studio.

As previously reported, Barrymore has been labeled a scab for announcing her show’s resumption, claiming that she wants to “provide what writers do so well, which is a way to unite or help make sense of the human experience.”

Responses to her apology have been filled with disdain, with many stating that canceling the production would be the right course of action.