Bill Maher Announces The Return Of “Real Time” Without Writers


Bill Maher, the host of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” has announced that his talk show will be returning to HBO without the writers. In a social media post, Maher expressed his frustration with the ongoing writers’ strike and his desire to get others back to work and earning a paycheck.

Key Takeaway

Bill Maher has announced that “Real Time” will return to HBO without writers, citing the need to bring others back to work and address the financial struggles of the staff.

Maher, who is also a writer himself, acknowledged the important issues raised by the striking writers and expressed hope that they would be addressed to their satisfaction. However, after five months on strike, he believes it is time to bring others back to work, as many of the show’s staff members are struggling financially.

Maher had previously called on California Governor Gavin Newsom to intervene and help end the stalemate. However, with no resolution in sight and the passing of Labor Day, Maher decided to move forward with the show without the presence of the writers.

To honor the spirit of the strike, Maher will eliminate written segments such as the monologue, desk piece, editorial, and popular New Rules segment which traditionally relied on the work of the writers. However, Maher assures the audience that the heart of the show, an off-the-cuff panel discussion that aims to cut through the bullshit and predictable partisanship, will continue.

It remains to be seen how writers guilds will react to Maher’s decision. In a similar situation, one guild labeled Drew Barrymore a scab for bringing her talk show back amid the strike. The response from the writers’ guilds will be crucial to determining the implications of Maher’s plan.

While Maher acknowledges that the show without writers may not be as good as usual, he is determined to continue delivering engaging and thought-provoking content to his audience. The return of “Real Time” without writers represents Maher’s commitment to shedding light on important issues and promoting meaningful discussions amidst challenging circumstances.