Richard Simmons Speaks Out Against Unauthorized Biopic Starring Pauly Shore


Richard Simmons has broken his silence for the second time in a decade, expressing his displeasure with an unauthorized biopic about his life that is set to star Pauly Shore.

Key Takeaway

Richard Simmons has voiced his opposition to the unauthorized biopic about his life, emphasizing that he has not given permission for the movie’s production.

Richard’s Statement

On Wednesday, Richard posted a statement addressing the unauthorized biopic, stating, “You may have heard they may be doing a movie about me with Pauly Shore. I have never given my permission for this movie. So don’t believe everything you read.”

Pauly Shore’s Response

Pauly Shore, who is set to star in the biopic, had expressed his excitement about the project in a recent interview. However, Richard’s statement makes it clear that he does not support the film.

Richard’s Disappearance

Richard Simmons withdrew from the public eye over a decade ago, citing physical health issues and a desire for a more peaceful life. Despite occasional sightings, he has largely remained out of the spotlight.

Biopic Production

While the production company behind the biopic has expressed a desire to honor and celebrate Richard’s story, they have acknowledged his wish for privacy. However, Richard’s disapproval of the project remains evident.